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Right. So review number two. With this comes the phrase “the league table is starting to take shape (kind of..)”


We were off on our fixies and donned pastel t-shirts to trendy East London (read: jumped on the central line..) for our second visit to Lucky chip, based at the Sebright Arms. This time  we felt differently about it as it was not a complete mystery. Our hopes were certainly high..

The Danny Trejo

Straight in we went for the Danny Trejo burger. It’s a special which looks more than likely to make it onto their main menu. We think it’s back to honour Trejo’s birthday (May 16th), so it would be rude to start without a happy birthday to the angry Mexican.

 Anyway, we begin…


Ok, so I’ll keep this short. It did not live up to expectations. I wasn’t happy. I like salt (Andy loves it) but the patty was overly seasoned, tasted grissly, and whilst it is hardly the worst patty I’ve ever had, ‘the levels’ just weren’t there.  Apparently the beef is aged for 18 days and sourced from The Ginger Pig, where the beef is ‘reared on the North York Moors.’ Not interested. Sorry. Especially if it tastes like that.

I feel bad starting on a negative, but the meat for me was actually a little lost in everything else that was going on in this burger. I’m clearly a fan of my meat, and I want to taste that meat.  It was  pretty thin, and didn’t give me much bite for my buck. I want to feel that ‘squadge’ you get when you bite down on a burger. A  slight bounce to know you’ve hit the meat. I just didn’t really get it with this one.

Bad Beef. Next. Score: 6



“Semi Brioche and the sourdough is steamed,” the bar lady told me. Sounds fancy. Looks fancy. Tastes….not bad. Perhaps a bit denser than what I would like but it passed the Rip Test® so I was content. The base was big which supported the patty well, but due to the denseness it did not resume its normal shape once squashed in my hands. Conclusion? Looks better than it tastes..

This was a decent bun. Pretty sturdy and it needed to be as a full brioche bun wouldn’t have been able to handle the heat this bad boy Danny trejo was packing. It needed that support. Having said that, I do like a slight chew or glaze to a bun top, which could have been a nice touch. All in all a decent bun which held it together for me. Cheers Bunners.

Needs more fluff. Score: 8

Looks the part..


The flavour explosion in my mouth during the first bite was nothing short of superb. Cheese, crispy crispy bacon, bitter rocket, tomato, sour cream, jalapenos and a peppery, spicy kick from the chipotle mayo is a strange combination. But it worked… the beginning. Unfortunately, after quite a few bites the huge smack of the chipotle mayo made it a tad sickly. Simple solution. Reduce the amount and make it less ‘punchy’. The Jalapenos give it a zip and there are are plenty of other biiiig (Greg Wallace impression) flavours on there so no need to go OTT with the sauce.

So men and boys, we’re in the sorting factory right here when it comes to the toppings. Wow. What a combination, beautiful crispy streaky bacon, on a duvet of mature cheddar, smothered in a tangy chipotle with the kick, and a slight freshness of jalapeno. That first bite was incredible. The flavours were so intense, and, although they do slightly take away from the burger, it creates impact! This is why it’s the Danny Trejo, it’s a real kicker on the spice. There were a couple of tears, but nothing this lad cannot handle. Having seen some of the combos on their other burgers (Kelly LeBrock has spinach and cream cheese amongst other ingreds), they obviously take pride in their creations (refer to John Belushi burger).

Smacks you in the face. Score: 8

Some of the best


Well… have a look at the below picture. To be fair, Lucky Chip does not claim to be an upmarket burger restaurant. They are based at a pub and give you burgers on paper plates. But the burger did disintegrate pretty quickly, particularly the bottom part of the bun. The chipotle mayo was mostly at fault though as it damaged the structural integrity which in turn, made it fall apart completely.

I don’t know if its my technique, but things got messy. Given the above and what you’re trying to consume, I think it’s to be expected. Now, I think part of the fun of this place is that it’s no nonsense, your food is on party plates, plastic forks etc. the décor is classic pub, they aren’t kidding anyone by trying to be something they’re not. They want you to be messy and no one is judging you here. I think I ploughed through about 14 napkins but I wanted carnage, that flavour, that chipotle all over my face (sounds wrong).

Weak but messy fun. Score: 6



A bit of a mixed bag and we dare say, slightly underwhelming. This isn’t a place you could go every week, but if you want a burger that’s going to punch you in the face with flavour and get deep down and dirty with you, we would  recommend it. But if you’re after quality, tasty meat then this is not the place for you. And remember being in East London, just try and be trendy yeah? 

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