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“Adders Codders” was next on the list for a review. To be completely honest, this is the first which we haven’t previously frequented out of all the reviews so far. Needless to say we were “bare excited.” I suppose this place in South Ken and Burger & Lobster in Mayfair shows that the burger is for one and all. Clearly the love of a good burger spans all classes and types!


Terrible, terrible weather. The heavens had opened just before we arrived but once inside we stopped whinging. Quite posh here but we had heard great things about the burger so this visit was a must.

The cheese…

On the dinner menu the only burger choice was bacon cheeseburger. A classic when cooked correctly…


Medium rare is my fave. Andy always goes for rare which I will try next time. Incredibly happy with this. The beef is sourced from Oshea’s in Knightsbridge who claim to be “London’s Number One Premium Butcher.” Well on this showing they were spot on. The patty was succulent, juicy and packed full of seasoning. No grissle, no need to chew my way through. I couldn’t stop banging on about it.  Our two guests, Julia and Greenie, would not stop laughing at my passion for this beauty. Their loss.

Once again we were asked how we wanted our burgers cooked, which I feel is a nice touch and as mentioned before shows they are confident in the quality of their meat. It was “fucking lovely” as I said at the time. Honestly, this beef, just tasted so beefy. It was juicy, succulent and melted in your mouth. Totally divine, I have to say the best patty so far. You can try and fault this bad boy, but get a rare one and if you’re a true meat lover, you will love it. So good actually you could just eat the patty for dinner and you’d be a happy lad/ ladette.

 A True Winner. Score:10

So juicy..


Golden brown, texture like bun
. Passed the Rip Test® with flying colours. Loved the golden brown colour. Perfectly round. Sweet but not too sweet. It’s sourced from Millers bakery in Wimbledon. I asked why they did not make them in house, it’s because the restaurant did not have the kit  to give justice to the bun. Fair play. Extra points for honesty.

Pretty decent bun actually, no nonsense, standard brioche banter. Nothing amazing about it, but certainly does the job. By job I basically mean give a level of sweetness, capture those delicious beefy juices, and give me that structural integrity I need.

It glows at you Score: 8

Golden brown, texture like bun


A bed of lettuce and gherkins on the base layer, followed by the patty which was smothered in bacon and some sort of cheese… In the accent of Jeremy Clarkson “this….was no ordinary cheese.” We couldn’t nail what type of cheese it was. What had they done to it? It was so smooth and silky and smokey that I was convinced the chef had something to do with this.

The waiter told me it was simply American cheese. But that doesn’t taste of anything! I wasn’t having it so I made him ask the chef.  Strolling back with a smile on his face, he humbly admitted that the cheese is made on site. Cream, parmesan, cheddar and infused with bacon “trimmings.”  IT WAS LOVELY. I mean, just LOVELY. The thin slices of bacon were also top notch. They were so so crispy and salty but it did not over power the beautiful patty. Oh and no extra sauces needed to be added to the toppings they were THAT GOOD.

I should mention here we ordered bacon cheeseburgers all round, and when they arrived we were all disappointed with the amount of bacon on each burger. The bacon was deliciously crispy, and when you got a bit in a bite it added a lovely crunch to the delicate patty. On eating the burger you realise that actually bacon is running throughout. The CHEESE WAS INFUSED WITH BACON. Now I capitalise that as if you take one thing away from this review it is the cheese, incredible, it looks like the cheap American type, but it’s made onsite and is fantastic.  There was no tomato here, but it didn’t matter. This cheese is the Lionel Messi of cheeses.

Cheesus Christ. Score: 9.5

Creamy cheese oozing out


The picture says it all. Strong, sturdy and even though the top of the bun had soaked up the burger juices, it still stayed happily intact. We were both happy. Me and my little burger. Actually, it wasn’t that little. No picking at broken burger parts here though.

Great structure, no issues with fallapartability this time around. That’s doubly impressive given my burger was rare and so so juicy. The “salad” was underneath the burger too, which helps in terms of keeping it together, but they are also not hiding behind the salads (which isn’t what we are there for is it!). The perfect amount of mess made.

 Solid foundation Score: 9

Held firm..


Overall it’s just a bloody great burger. We absolutely loved it. There’s not much more to say really. It’s not your usual burger gig, instead the sort of place where you’re “allowed” to drink a £30 bottle of malbec with your burger instead of beer.

Go for it.

See you soon x

UPDATE 27/8/12- The creator of this glorious burger, Fred Smith, has since left the Admiral Codrington, so we cannot guarantee its quality. However, it stays on the top of our leader board because fair is fair.

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