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Meat Liquor’s review, here it is. This is the one that more or less everyone has in their locker when it comes to recommendations. Hopefully we have done it justice.


We have to start with the smell as you walk down the street, it’s phenomenal! Honestly, you feel like you’ve eaten a burger before you’ve even walked within 50m of this joint. There has got to be calories in that smell it’s so good. Actually, it’s probably what makes everyone put up with the queues!

Oh Lovely

 We went for the dead hippie burgers, our special guest went for a bacon cheeseburger as he fears change.



Hahaha. Oh god. Well, the juices that burst in your mouth (which rest on the lettuce) from the double patty are quite incredible.  I haven’t experienced anything quite like it before.  I believe that they steam the burgers so this must be one reason why the patty was so moist.  I’m not going to lie, the beef isn’t the best that we have had so far and it was slightly chewy in parts, but overall I absolutely loved it. One little note, they don’t ask you how you want it cooked (this isn’t the place to do that!) and it seemed to be medium as standard which is fine by me!


THIS IS A DIRTY BURGER. In a good way of course. It’s so juicy/greasy it just melts in your mouth, but the lingering taste is of pure burger than anything else. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s all about the meat here, its just about the flavour of that patty and the juiciness of it, and the balance for me is spot on. This will be a theme that runs through my part of the review but it was simple simple simple. But getting the basics right with this non nonsense burger just works out

Ooh la la Score: 8

Double pattsville



Impressed. Made in house. Love that. You’ll see how thick the base is. Excelled in the Rip Test®. Makes me smile.  It’s just a bloody good bun. Simply made and nothing fancy about it. It doesn’t get easily soaked by the juices and manages to keep its  shape which is IMPERATIVE for me.


Pretty simple again, no glaze, no nonsense, like Nick says nothing fancy about it. But it doesn’t need to be! It soaked up the juices so well in fact, I looked over at Nick when we were demolishing our burgers and he was dabbing his finger into the juice soaked bun. A meat lovers dib dab.

Don’t you just want it now? Score: 8




Look at the cheese in the pictures! It’s magnificent. Ok, it may not be infused with bacon (Adders Codders) but its classic American cheese which you can still taste. So gooey. Yum. Love the way the pickles and lettuce are at the base of the burger. It’s the way it should be. Two reasons. Firstly, the first flavour explosion should not be one of your five a day, instead it should be the gooey cheese and lovely patty. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the layer of crispy lettuce captures those gorgeous burger juices, acting as a shield to the bun. Works perfectly.  ALL HAIL THE SALAD BENEATH THE BURGER. Oh, the pickles were so pickley. Added a real crunch to the gooey mess. As I write this I want another (and it is 10:14am in the morning)..


I must say I think these are the best set of pictures. What a photogenic burger. Again, simplicity wins the day, as it was just a bit of cheese, pickles and salad (note no tomato, which again confounds my view tomatoes aren’t really needed). The balance is just perfect, nothing overpowers anything else, they just hum in harmony.

Goo-ey Cheese. Goo-ey Cheese. Goo-ey Cheese. Score: 8.5




It just works so well for such a “messy” burger. It’s the thickness of the base and sturdiness of the bun which makes it. You’d think burgers such as these would fall apart immediately. No, this held together impressively. Lucky Chip should take a leaf out of Meat Liquor’s books here.


Yep, decent like. Nothing’s falling apart here. It’s a pretty manageable burger in terms of size too. But you don’t lose out on size as this burger delivers so much more than half the burgers out there could with double the size. I took a massive first bite out of this, like a fucking animal, and it held up against the challenge. Well done sir, well done…

As strong as an ox! Score: 8

Oh stop it now…stop being so lovely


It’s just really good. I didn’t believe this could challenge the best of the best in London, but it has. The dead hippie costs just £7.50 (add on the crispy skinny fries for £3 and it is a great value burger). For chicken wing lovers out there, they are OUSTANDING so I suggest you have them as a starter. The beers have gone slightly downhill since the first time we went, but nevertheless they still aren’t bad.

Be warned, the waiting times are getting worse and worse. We arrived at 6 and had to wait about 10 mins. We left at 7:30 and there were roughly 150 people in the queue… Early or very late seems to be the key.

Check back soon x

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  1. Really interested to know more about the steaming? Any more info?


  3. My gf went here the other night. She said she couldn’t finish her burger, but that it was absolutely amazing. Her and I are going back soon. I hope I finish mine. I don’t want to get dumped.

    • Shaun we have total faith in you. In fact, we could not be more confident that you will finish it. You won’t get dumped, don’t worry. Just go there, relax, and enjoy the occasion.

  4. Christian Thompson

    Meat liquor 7/10

    Went for the bacon cheeseburger, as you do, when trying any new burger joint out.

    Two things that stopped this burger from being outstanding, hence the 7 mark were perhaps the two most important factors of any bacon and cheeseburger, that being the bacon and the burger. Bizarrely for a burger joint with such a good rep, the bacon is basically a crushed/minced, very thin, ham patty which lacked the salty/crispy/chewiness of typical bacon you find in a good bacon cheeseburger, which adds to the overall flavour.

    Secondly and perhaps most importantly, the burger. Whilst you can tell that the meat is of some quality and flavour, it was grossly over cooked. Oh how I’d been looking forward to a rare to medium patty and being covered in its juices, but it wasnt to be and I felt let down. Surely a place that specialises in burgers, should know how to cook a burger.

    The items keeping the mark as high as 7/10 were the outstanding bun, light but firm enough to take the moistness of the ketchup, mustard and pickles, which meant that despite its faults, it was a pleasure to eat, The afore mentioned condiments of tangy ketchup, sharpish mustard and nicely crisp and flavourful pickles, gave the burger the oomph it would have otherwise lacked.

    As an experience, overall it was enjoyable, good location, great decor and vibe, so I would probably go back, but only if asked. Im sure there are better burger joints around and I intend to try those before heading back to Meat Liquor any time soon.


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