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Our 6th review is up! Lucky Seven. Time has flown by. Thanks for all your support so far. Remember, follow us on twitter for all the latest updates @burgaffair and send in your burgers so we can upload on Rate My Burger!


In terms of distance travelled, this was probably the furthest yet. ALL THE WAY to Royal Oak. Arrrr so faaaarrrrrr. It’s a little tiny place with a proper American diner sort of vibe to it. They even serve a “five dollar shake.” I don’t know what it is, but they talk about it in Pulp Fiction, so it must be pretty authentic. They also do ‘twinkys’, which are the only food that will survive a nuclear blast apparently. Who knew.

Green Chilli Burger

Nick had a chocolate and peanut butter shake (rolling back the years) with the Green Chilli Burger, and Andy had the Bacon Cheeseburger. No guest this time….



This was the first time I went for a rare burger. Usually a medium rare man. Andy tells me that this is the real test. Great meat should taste great rare (especially organic chuck Aberdeen Angus). Well, it wasn’t great. Reminded me of the Bar Boulud patty. Lacked any seasoning (I wish these restaurants would tell you beforehand so you can season them yourself at least). Boring


So the barmaid actually told us they have recently changed their supplier and they no longer season their patty’s. Apparently they used to have chopped onion and other spices in the burger itself, but since a month ago they have stopped . The Patty was ok, but it could have done with a bit more flavour. They ask how you want it cooked, we both went for rare and the texture was great, but I just felt it was lacking a bit of punch.

Some seasoning would be beneficial Score: 6.5




Easily passed the Rip Test ®. Tasted “nice.” Boring word isn’t it, “nice?” Well I do not know any other way of describing this. Didn’t blow me out of the water. It was toasted. Sorry, I forgot I asked for a toastie. Oh no wait, yes, that’s right, I asked for a BURGER! Ok I’m being a bit mean now. It was just, you know, nice?


Yeah bun was perfectly formed, beautiful little dome. However, I just don’t like a toasted bun, it’s too crunchy and I think makes the burger taste a bit dry. It also doesn’t soak up the burger juices, which is part of the fun of a decent bun. So I guess the bun sort of feels a bit disjointed from the rest of the burger. It’s not at peace with itself. A happy burger is a good burger. I always say that.

Lose the toast guys Score: 6




Green Chilli Cheeseburger. I love chillies. These were not too hot and there was a generous helping (as you can see in the gallery). It may look a bit odd but  they gave the burger a real kick. The Jack cheese was a bit of a miss. It got a bit lost in the chilli. That’s my fault though, as there are 4 cheeses (cheddar, jack, Swiss, blue) to choose from.


I went for the bacon cheeseburger and Monterey Jack cheese. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to bring myself back to reality after the likes of Admiral Codrington and the bacon infused cheese. With that in mind the toppings were good, bacon was tasty and the cheese was pretty delicate without necessarily doing anything that spesh.

Good. That’s all. Score: 7

Build Your Own Toppings



Love the way you can build your burger yourself. Lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and the top of the bun, all on the side for you to create your own masterpiece. I put the lettuce beneath the patty. The juices then got caught in the well for me to slurp up. Yummy. Not too sure about the raw large chunky onion rings though.


Structure was good here, they also let you build your own burger with the salad, which is a good idea, as for me my ongoing war against tomatoes in a burger continues. I just left it off. But take into account you’ve got a pretty solid toasted bun, it’s going to take a pretty messy fucker to collapse this. It should be a 10 I suppose, but I wouldn’t give a burger that was superglued together a 10, so I take a bit of the above into account.

Best bit of the experience.. Score: 8



You can probably tell that we lost a bit of our “Va Va Voom” in this review. It disappointed us. We really wanted it to be brilliant but to be fair we had heard mixed reviews pre event so we should have been better prepared.

If you live in the area, go and pop in, and have a burger and shake, but it’s not worth travelling miles for.

Not so Lucky 7.

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