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Things are starting to heat up in the league as the movers and shakers start to take their position. Most people have heard of Wenlock & Essex when we talk to them, but it seems the majority of people we know haven’t actually had the burger here. We assume as the burgers we had were ‘off menu’ specials, this was the reason. Anyway, on to the review.


I had the Dr. pepper (pulled pork cooked in Dr. Pepper topped this one) and Nick had a Sloppy Joe (rich sloppy Joe chilli topping).

Our favourite photo to date

James, the head chef, came over and chatted to us for a while after our meal. You can tell he really cares about his burgers.  But did it show in the taste?



Loved it. Loved it loved it loved it. So much flavour because it had plenty of SEASONING. Andy always laughs at me when I say that patties need to pack a punch. It’s true. I’m not asking to be knocked out by flavour, it just has to taste of something.  Perfectly cooked.


Beautiful rare patty, really tasty, juicy and succulent. I had to break off a chunk just to trial it by itself, as there are quite a few flavours here, but it was sexy, really melt in your mouth stuff. If anything was to change it would be that the patty could be slightly thicker, but I’m a greedy fella, and everything in the burger was balanced out perfectly!

Juicy Juicy Juicy  Score: 9

Sloppy Joe Burger



Airy on the inside and firm on the outside (look at the pockets of air above) and whilst incredibly tough to rip (Rip Test ® thumbs up) with my fingers, it wasn’t chewy at all. At first I thought the bun was slightly thinner than I would normally like, but this meant we had more room to fill up on the patty and toppings so it actually worked out very well.


Lovely brioche bun, it passed the Rip tes…(only kidding that’s Nick’s thing). It really held together in the face of  pulled pork, a juicy patty, and a pineapple onslaught. Throughout our feast we really got the sense of how much attention and care goes into each and every one of Chef James’s burgers. The griddle lines across the top are almost his “cattle branding” of approval that he is happy with it.

Tough but fluffy Score: 8

Look at the lines



My toppings were glorious. Sloppy Joe is immense and incredibly filling. This Sloppy Joe consisted of pulled pork (DIVINE!) and glorious spicy yet sweet seasonings. They complimented eachother so well. I’m a huge fan of the roasted tomatoes which tasted sun dried, and the ever so thinly sliced pickles still gives you a lovely crunch. The cheese? Well, it was so gooey and smothered the entire burger but not rich. I keep looking at the first photo above as I write this. I want more of it. Now. PLEASE.


Right so I had this beautiful pulled pork cooked in Dr. Pepper to top my burger with gherkins, cheese, roasted tomato and pineapple sitting underneath the patty. This pulled pork was some of the best I have ever had in my life! It was incredible, I could have eaten a plate of this stuff alone, but then put that on top of a fantastic burger, and it’s beautiful!

Add to that a thin slice of pineapple and tomato both roasted (thankfully as I keep saying I don’t see the point in tomato), the beautiful cheese, and sliced pickles (I have probably missed out a couple of bits). Everything was done to perfection, again with so much care. Look at how the pickles are sliced and placed!

Beautiful! (Andy’s new favourite adjective) Score: 9




I cut mine in half and also cut one half into quarters, as I tried a quarter of Tom’s (our guest) Dr. Pepper as I didn’t want to miss out. Despite the slightly thin looking bun it didn’t all fall apart into a tragic mess. The whole burger has been designed to stand strong but every element must be in the right place (you can see it was) for stability.


Overall it was great, it hardly fell apart and it was easy to manage. Even with everything loaded in, it kept its structure very well. The pineapple underneath meant the bottom held tough and the pulled pork was under a layer of cheese, tomato and pickles. But everything here is done with precision so you wouldn’t expect anything less.

Stable and secure Score: 8.5

Dr Pepper


You know how tasty the Mcdonald’s burgers look on their adverts? In real life they never even remotely look like they do on the telly. Look at the intro photo again. Go on. The amount of care and attention the chef puts into his burgers is insane. It looks (and tastes) a real treat.

Take your tastecard  (every day except Saturday) and three starters, three burgers (with chips) and three beers comes to just £13 a head. Hop off Angel tube and get yourselves down to Essex Road and enjoy it. We certainly did.

PS, We also tried some oxtail doughnuts which were gorgeous. James is perfecting a new recipe  for his new upcoming venture.

View some photos here. I’ve told Andy to move into Photography..

View more photos in our gallery

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