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Honest Burgers

We’re back! Yes, we’ve missed this. It’s been a while, having been out of the Burgaffair offices for two weeks. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say… no not between Nick and I! But between us and the burgers.


This is the scene, picture it… imagine a David Attenborough documentary, a la Planet Earth perhaps. It’s the African plains. Nick and Andy the prowling lions, their target… an Honest Burger. Nick and Andy pounce in a co-ordinated, aggressive, surprise attack. They catch the burger unaware. The chase doesn’t last long, much a like the burger, before its fully devoured. The lions sleep full tonight.

You want it now don’t you?

Honest Burgers was established in Brixton and due to their quick success they have recently opened a new restaurant in Soho, where we went. Click below to read the review..



Lovely lovely beef. Mooooooooooooooooooo. ‘Ginger Pig’ are the beef suppliers, a stark contrast to the Ginger Pig beef we had at Lucky Chip. This must be due to the fact that the Head Chef Tom uses alternative cuts of English Longhorn beef (it’s a secret!) which is dry aged for 28 days. He aims to get 20-25% fat content in the mix (mmmm). Tom takes pride in the fact that each patty is handmade, and this effort shows in the quality of taste. It really does hit the spot, mark, whatever you want to call it.

I had mine cooked medium rare and it was incredibly tender. The level of seasoning was perfect (I need my flavour as you know).. The only negative was the fact that I wanted more! Perhaps the patty could have been 20-30% bigger (I’d have happily paid a few quid more for a bigger patty) but I don’t feel hard done by as it was such good value (£9 for burger and fries)


What a way to re-acquaint ourselves with a burger. This patty was beautiful, juicy, tasty and moist with a perfect texture. What this patty might lack in size certainly makes up for in the flavour (bear in mind we’re both pretty greedy). This patty was close to perfection, it’s one of those you could just pull out and devour by itself. When you get a patty like this as a meat and steak lover you start to realise just how much you really love burgers.

Wooopeeee!  Score: 9.5

Beef Heaven



The brioche bun easily housed the burger and toppings. This was mainly because it was quite a bit bigger than what was in between it. Yet it did not overwhelm it as it wasn’t too thick. Rip Test®, fine. The golden top was tough and the toasted underside added a subtle crunchy texture yet the inside of the bun was still remarkably fresh and fluffy. They are not made in house, instead sourced from a bakery (another trade secret!). If I ever find out I will let you know.


Great Buns. Held together fine, and didn’t cause any mess at all. The beautiful dome did all it was asked of it. I always think the bun is the understated element of the burger. It can really make or break it. It just goes about its business without getting the glory. Wish we could find out more about them (i.e. the details) but that’s a secret, but fair enough they’re that good you don’t want to give anything away.

Dome of Beauty Score: 9

Where’s it from? It’s a secret..



Dear God, some of the best topping combinations I’ve had, yet so simple. It was the red onion marmalade which did it for me. I’ve written this before, but a sign of a glorious burger is when you are not required to add any condiments to the patty (and I’m a condiment addict). Well this was a glorious burger.

Greens at the bottom. The. Way. It. Should. Be. A bed of lettuce accompanied with thinly sliced tangy pickles made in house, and some cheddar, smoked chewy crispy bacon, and that fantastic sticky marmalade made my taste buds prance around as fast as Michael Flately’s world record tap dance (28 taps per second.. And no, I am not into that sort of stuff). The only slight negative? They were a bit skimpy with the cheese. It needed a touch more to be absolutely perfect. For me melted cheese needs to cover the entire patty at least.


Really enjoyed the toppings. I’m never sure about onion marmalade as I think it can be too sweet and too much sometimes, but this worked perfectly. In combo with the salty bacon, tangy cheese, juicy patty and the pickles at the bottom, it all just worked. With every mouthful you got a little element of every flavour. One bite the bacon comes out on top, one bite, the marmalade, one bite the cheese, all working with each other. It just kept you guessing about the next bite. I thought it was fantastic. No negatives from me.

Just so so bloody good Score:9

Marmelade WORLD



Structure is good but whilst the bun was big, I was hesitant to cut it in half to take a photo of the beef as I was afraid it would fall apart. This is because the patties are thick and not always uniform as they are handmade. But I don’t see this as a problem at all. It certainly gives a more ‘homemade’ feel to the proceedings which is a good thing.


Structure was good. It’s not the biggest burger in the world so its pretty easy to handle. You really feel like every burger is made in its own little way, which is great. You could actually probably smash down one of these burgers in a matter of seconds. Great.

Solid Score: 9

The Honest Burger


They’re just bloody good British burgers. I mean, really f*cking good. You won’t be let down. So go there. PLEASE trust us.

We don’t tend to mention sides unless they are total shit or absolutely amazing. The CHIPS WERE WORLD CLASS. Rosemary salt seasoning. So crispy, so lovely, GO AND ENJOY IT. £9 for the burger and chips is great value. Although for those with a bigger appetite, ask for the Honest Burger with an extra Patty which is available upon request.

Honestly Brilliant.

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Square Meal


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  1. I have to agree both Honest at Brixton and Soho are a must. The best burger and chips in town. I am only jealous that London has two. I come from Ipswich and can only dream that Honest come to my town.

    • It is bloody fantastic but The Admiral Codrington still trumps it for us. Never had a burger like it. You’ll have to start buying super saver returns and coming on weekends then!

  2. Glad to see you’re still giving the AD COD a chance despite Fred Smith’s departure…

  3. And I thought it was too small too, but cos the patties are so tall it’d probably be better to have two whole burgers than try and squeeze two under one bun… (spot the glutton!)…

  4. Where did you hear Fred Smith was still working for them? Don’t think he is.

  5. Rumour has it Honest do an ‘off the menu’ option called The Federation. It’ll sort out your quantity concerns and comes held together with a knife, which is the sort of active approach to cutlery I appreciate.

    • Yes mate you are absolutely correct. Thanks for reminding us on the name. We could not remember! So we will update our post. Next time we go we are going to smash it!

    • Hi Tim we had the federation last week when we went back. Absolutely LOVED IT. WORLD CLASS

      • oh god, how I envy you.

        I had a double cheeseburger in Fort Greene, Brooklyn last night, which incorporated chopped pickles and an option of decorative Swiss cheese or the lowest quality, synth-cheese known to the Western world. Velveeta. I had the Velveeta. It was so wrong but so right.

        Looking forward to the Federation’s flagship offering over Christmas. I’d call it an Enterprise but that would be too dorky.

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