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Tommi’s Burger Joint

Sorry for the slight delay on this one guys and girls. I know you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seats. Here it is.

Tommi’s Burger Joint is literally a seven iron away from Meat Liquor, so already its squeaky bum time for these guys. How will it match up against the heavy hitting Meat Liquor?  Apparently this place also originated from Iceland? Now I would have some banter here about Iceland, but I have literally nothing… Puffins?

Tommi’s Burger Joint

We tucked in to a cheeseburger, fries and a soft drink for £9.40, entitled “Offer of the Century” on the menu. Read on for our review..



Wow. This beef was good. Chuck with 20% fat content (a perfect burger should have between 20-25% fat content). Seasoned superbly and made fresh on site everyday (yes this should be a given but the kitchen is tiny and it is a very small joint). The beef was not minced to obliteration which is always nice. It certainly had a chunky feel to it.  It was served Medium/Medium rare as standard and was pleasantly juicy.


We both went for the standard cheeseburger, the steak burger was on the menu, so perhaps should have tried that one too, but it was fantastic. As Nick wrote, the meat was quite coarse which is a good sign of quality and the flavours were great. That sort of melt in your mouth meat everyone raves about. This is it.

Moooooooooooo Score: 8

Look how coarse it is



Right.  This is definitely one of the best buns I’ve ever had. It complimented this type of burger so well.  It is created at Millers (this must be London’s best bakery) who also supply to Adders Codders, but Tommi has given them his secret recipe. Rip Test®, top marks! The top of the bun beamed at you with its glistening beauty. It was sweet yet wholesome and just so bloody good. I could eat the bun by itself. Yes. I can. Try this beauty.


Nick and I both agree on this one, by far the best bun. You can tell it’s a secret recipe. It’s almost, and I mean almost, the consistency of a fresh doughnut! So soft, with a bit of chew to it. Think of a really thick piece of white bread fresh from the oven, beautiful. We loved this and looking back on some of the buns we’ve had it’s a class apart.

Excellent Score: 9.5

It’s so shiny and lovely



The toppings that come with the burger do not blow your mind away. But Tommi doesn’t try and be the best at this. The American cheese is gooey as it sits on the patty whilst cooking, and you’re given some iceberg lettuce, a thin slice of tomato, and a few bits of diced onion. A tiny dollop of mayo, mustard and ketchup is inside as well. Then you’re on your own. I smiled as I made my way (1 metre across) to the side where there are plenty of different sauces (heaven for me) and some sliced pickles. I thoroughly recommend having the burger sauce. What I loved was being in total control of how much sauce I wanted.


Toppings were ok, a bit like the set-up here, no nonsense. Bit of lettuce, tomato and onion, the usual suspects. It didn’t disappoint,  it was just really simple as it didn’t need anything else. It’s the beef patty which is the key here and nothing is going to take away from that. They also encourage you to go a bit “mental” on the sauces here too. It’s Carte Blanche, so with every bite of the burgs I was trying a different sauce. Kinky.

You’re in charge Score:7

Gooey cheese



The burger is small so that helps (but not the large stomach). It’s manageable and keeps its shape reasonably well.


Structure overall is good. They smash the toppings over the burger, so I am completely lost on which is best now, over or under. Does anyone care? Probably not. But it was good.

Content Score: 7.5

Tommi’s Burger Joint


We (Well Nick has) have a confession to make. Nick went back to Tommis for a takeaway the night after we went… He was on Oxford Street late, trying to buy a waistcoat for his brother’s wedding and was stressed so thought the best cure for stress would be another burger. It was full around 9ish but that didn’t keep him waiting long.

Going back to the same place two nights in a row is a GOOD sign.

It’s a tiny tiny venue but you’re in and out so quickly. Or, if you are in a rush, just get a takeaway and eat it on the street as Nick did like a complete slob.

Go for it.

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