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Dirty Burger

We’re smashing through the reviews now really finding form. Really pleased that the league table is into double figures now, but my God its getting hard to rate these burgers. Still, its all our pleasure though.


We had heard good things about Dirty Burger, a tiny shack sitting behind pizza eat in Kentish town. Its opposite an LA Fitness and all we can say is, thank God we are not  members of that gym or else we know how all our workouts would end.

You dirty little thing

The menu is simple. It’s a cheeseburger, and the review is below..



I quite enjoyed the beef. It was cooked medium and did ooze flavour as it was seasoned generously. You could taste the juicy fat (there is a 15% fat content within these bad boys). But for some reason they decide to squeeze their own mustard sauce on top of the patty whilst it is cooked (using a metal bowl and covering the burger upside down, making the burger even juicier as the steam is trapped) which leaves a bitter ‘mustardy’ taste on your palate (yes I’m learning) after every mouthful. They need to stop this.


The patty was good, but I think it lacked the quality of an Honest or certainly Ad Cod. The burgers were a bit too well done for my taste, and it didn’t quite pack the punch of a really really top quality burger. I would rate this as nice, but nothing more than that really.

Suitable Score: 7.5




I sort of liked it.. yeah. To be honest I changed my mind on this about 20 times. To Andy’s credit he made me see sense though.  At first I thought the bun seemed pretty lost, but actually it complimented the burger well. It’s not meant to take anything away from the engine room so it’s fine if it doesn’t burst of flavour. Rip Test®..ok.


I liked the bun a lot here and I know Nick disagrees, but I really liked it. It reminded me of Tommi’s bun, less Domey, glazed and structured, but a bit more soft and doughy. I think for this kind of burger, a quick ‘in and out burger,’ it works really well.

Agree to disagree Score: 8




Yeah, quite good. A layer of cheese is placed on top of the weird mustard sauce and pickles are placed nicely on top of that, before laying an extra thin (like!) tomato at the top. The metal bowl is then placed on the entire burger again whilst on the grill, helping the cheese melt more. I agree with Andy, there should have been even more cheese. It MUST cover the entire patty and you should NOT be able to see through to the patty.


In the way of toppings there wasn’t too much going on here. You had the cheese, sure, but then the salad (lettuce, pickle and tomato). I didn’t really get that much of the cheese coming through, I could have had a bit more. Given the burger wasn’t relying on the patty I think they could have dished a bit more cheese on there. Also, it was quite mustardy, not that I had a problem with it, but mustard on a burger should be a choice rather than a given maybe?

Guys. Lose the mustard. Please Score:7

More cheese, please



For a “dirty burger” this holds together quite well. I expected my hands to be covered in juicy fat and gooey cheese and sauces but it didn’t happen (it may have happened to Andy but he is a bit of an animal). Which is a good thing! Well done


It certainly lives up to the name. It’s a quick in and out job, you get messy and enjoy it. It did hold up well and didn’t fall apart too badly.

Sloppy…ish Score: 7.5

Dirty Burger


It’s a good burger. But not THAT good. Yes, if you work in the area or live there then we would recommend it, but it’s not so good that we would suggest you trek up to Kentish Town which is a bit of a mission to get to wherever you live (unless you live there, obviously)

£5.50 for the cheeseburger and £2.50 for the fries. Decent value. But you’ll need to wait 20 minutes to be full or you’ll feel as though you will need to order another, because they aint big.

However we did enjoy it and next time we are in the area we will probably pop in. Actually Nick may just pop in for the strawberry shake which was divine.

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