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Rivington Grill

Rivington Grill review was next on the list. We went to the one in Shoreditch, based on a few recommendations and Nick has also been to the one in Greenwich before.


It’s not a bad looking restaurant actually, pretty much date material. Not weird for Nick and I however as we’re past all that. Off topic slightly, but its up the road from Tramshed, so if you are going on a date, go there (see we not only benefit your burger knowledge, but your lifestyle too).

Rivington Grill



Oh god. Rubbish. Total rubbish. The beef was minced to hell and bound with an egg. Seasoned poorly. They try and make extra effort by mixing the minced beef with herbs and spices. No. Keep it 100% beef please. I can honestly say it tasted foul and you get this lingering strange ‘herby’ taste which does not leave your mouth until the next day (seriously). Such a shame.


Hmmm, initial cuts into the burger look quite interesting… I would assume its homemade as you can see the spices and peppers cut up in the patty, but the mince is really grainy and not coarse enough for me. We were also asked how we wanted it cooked, to which we said med-rare, but this was too well done for my liking. Oh, another thing to mention is the flavour was really poor, it almost tasted like sausage meat. Did not like this one bit.

Way off the mark Score: 4

It just doesn’t look good does it?



One of the worst buns I’ve had to date. Dry, far too airy, and tasteless. Slightly toasted and a little burnt..I know the patty should be the boss but this bun offered nothing. I suspended the Rip Test® here. It would have received an F and I didn’t want to mock the examiners by wasting their time with this…


Bun was a slight improvement, slight! I think sesame seeds have also become a bit cliché now too. I don’t think we have had them yet on our journeys. There wasn’t much to say about this bun really, it held together ok, but didn’t offer anything at all. All these other places we have gone to have put that extra effort into their bun and its been great. Not here.

Poor Score: 5

Even the colour isn’t consistent



I like eggs. An egg and bacon sandwich. Yum. But an egg and beef burger? Forget it. The bacon was far too sloppy and tasteless. It has got to be crispy and slightly chewy for me. You could see the white fat clearly (it looked like bacon that could have been made in a Wetherspoon’s microwave). So poor. Also, I actually forgot the burger had cheese until I read Andy’s part of the review here. Says it all doesn’t it?


An egg! Weird. I’ve never been a fan of egg on a burger and I am still not. I think it almost overpowers everything in it. I couldn’t taste the bacon (which was undercooked, I think it should be crispy to add that saltiness), I got none of the cheese, or anything else I added in (gherkins, salad you add in yourself). All of the toppings were just a bit boring, none of them added anything i.e. I couldn’t taste them.

Egg-OUT Score:4




On average the structure was poor. I say that because for some of the time you got runny yolk smothered all over your hands. I don’t want to lick yolk off it! I want to lick off burger juices.


It kind of fell apart for me, the egg almost lop-sides the burger if you have a look at the photo’s, which leads to inconsistent bites and flavours. I added in a few salad bits and they all fell out pretty much. I got close to the end of this burger and I was actually bored of eating it. It’s one which I might have eaten and liked 10 years ago in reading walkabout, but the standards are just so high now.

 Score: 5

No comment


Anywhere that serves a burger on a wooden board has got to impress or you risk looking quite silly. I think you know it’s the latter. We were so angry when we left and still are.

Our suggestion: Scrap the whole recipe and start from scratch. Take considerable amount of time making the burger right.. Then once you have got a great product look at how to improve presentation.

Nick had the luxury burger in Rivington Greenwich a few years back and remembers it fondly. He now remembers Rivington Shoreditch with disdain.

If there is only one review you may follow our lead on please let it be this……………DO NOT GO HERE AND WASTE £12.50 (+ service and drinks etc etc). PLEASE TRUST US.

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  1. WOW. Bad day in burger town. On the plus side, reading the review is a pleasure!

  2. Gutted on behalf of the ‘Rivi’ which is one of my fave locals (albeit the Greenwich branch). Though have to say have always thought the burger is a weak link on an otherwise great menu. If you were ever to start an Eggs Benedict blog however, I challenge you to find a better one than here (esp when washed down with one of their legendary Bloody Marys) ….Yum – is it time for Sunday brunch yet?

  3. Regular rivington customer

    In nowadays everyone can be a “food critic”. Especially a burger critic. As far as I am aware about Rivington burger, recipe haven`t changed for 6 years. Many people are enjoying it, because it is different from anywhere else. So instead of blaming and bullshiting business you should calm down first of all and express your opinion with a bit of respect.


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