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Lets call this one… “Broadening their Horizons” by Nick and Andy. Deviating away from the sort of joints we normally frequent, this was Cinnamon Soho, and LAMB. I know it’s scary, but we’re here for you. We were scared too, but lets see how we got on yeah?

Three wise men

We ordered various starters, but you know we only went there for one thing. The burger. Or burgers, as you see. Review below..



Oooh boy. Lamb eh? First venture away from beef and it was a  good one at that. Cooked medium, seasoned well, but what I liked most about these little things was the kick of saffron. I love saffron and it works a treat with lamb. Of course my only criticism here is that the patties could have been a lot BIGGER and still not touched the sides.


So Lamb, bit out of my comfort zone with this one, but I loved it. Really tasty, loads of flavour packed in whilst staying quite delicate in a way. The texture was great, but personally I could have enjoyed a bit more lamb in the burger. If they could increase the size, then brilliant, but good overall. These are sliders bare in mind so in my mind the weighting of reliance on patty shifts slightly to toppings…

Bigger please Score: 7




Tiny little things but not too tiny to void the Rip Test®! Boom! Passed. They were so delicate but the best part about the buns was the crunchy biscuit type base which added this fantastic texture to the whole experience. Yes yes yes!


Bun was really good actually. Great texture with a bit of bite from the golden glaze on the top, but also a good chew from the dough itself. How perfectly formed they are too. Maybe it would have been good to see some variance on bun with each burger but that’s asking a lot.

Niiiiice Score: 8

Trio of buns.



Now then. Hehehehe. Massala mayo on the base, thin tomato, followed by the lamb patty, then the glory began. Caramelised onions topped with shredded cucumber and carrot made this become an absolute masterpiece. After every bite once the saffron had left my palate I had a gorgeous kick of chilli massalla at the back of my throat. Excellent.

But that’s not all. We were spoilt with three different chutneys to eat with each slider. The first was a sticky tomatoey chutney which I just dolloped onto the slider. Lovely. Second was the chilli chutney, less sweet and more spicy but still a great choice. THEN, came the coriander dip. It was fabulous. The combination of the lamb and coriander was love at first bite.


As mentioned earlier, I think with sliders the reliance is on the toppings slightly more so than a regular burger to pack that flavour punch. I loved the fact you get the three dips with the different burgers. Look at the colours on the plate too, brilliant. But this is fusing a great combination of fresh clean Asian tastes with the “burgerness” of a burger (if that makes sense). Everyone loves a bit of variety too. My personal fave was the coriander dip, beauty.

Yum Score:8

Look at it. LOOK AT IT.



For such tiny little sliders they hold together very well. The truth is you could probably finish each slider in a couple of bites if you’re greedy enough.


No complaints here. Overall really good. The burgers are pretty small though so you wouldn’t worry about it falling apart. Unless you have really really really tiny hands. Or a tiny tiny mouth. Then you might struggle.

Cute Score: 8



So in short, we were extremely impressed. Our hearts sank a bit when it was confirmed we would be having lamb burgers, but we were not disappointed.

Here they serve Indian food with a twist (we had lamb brain in gorgeous sauce for starters) and it is very very good. But if you’re not after an Indian, we would still advise you make the visit and order two of the slider dishes each (which should suitably fill you up with some masala fries when it is added to the menu)

Our focus will still be of beef, but we shall also be trying other meats now and again.

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