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Burger Breakout

Our next review was at Burger Breakout, which was (updated Feb 2013) based at The Old Crown pub. It had only been open one day by the time we got there, but needless to say we were bloody excited. If you check the menu you would be too!


I think we had chosen what we were having about two months ago when the menu was flying around! Burgers, wings, shakes… worldy. The fact that we are a power duo also means we can get a couple of the burgers on the menu and share.

The Bambi Bought It

We went for the Venison burger (The Bambi Bought It) and the Cheeseburger (O.C Burger)…



I don’t know what to say….apart from that it was a cracker. I’ve got to say that I never thought that beef could be overshadowed by another meat in a burger, but the Venison just did it for me. Sourced from Dorset and using the Haunch cut, this was juicy, meaty and cooked to absolute perfection. Dave (the chef) is very generous with the patty size which is brilliant.

Many say the perfect beef patty should have between a 15-20% fat content, but the beef in the OC (Devon Long Horn) has just 5% fat making it incredibly lean but have no fear, the cheese fills the gap which I’ll come on to.. Again, you know how much I bang on about seasoning. The beef was packed full of it!


Both were beautiful, the patty on the OC was delicate, tasty and juicy really packing the sort of punch you get from our “champions league” placed teams. The Venison patty was fantastic! Melt in your mouth, with a great gamey flavour. The toppings, which I will come on to really brought out these flavours too. THIS WAS JUST A TOTALLY DIFFERENT CLASS!


Venison you beaut



At first look the bun looked quite strange. It looked like one of the rustique ones you can buy at supermarkets, but little did I know this sour flour delight complimented the Venison so well. It did not overpower the ‘engine room’ which is key. Just right. Of course you know it smashed the Rip Test®.


When the bun came up I was a bit dubious. It wasn’t one of your standard brioche/ sourdough buns. It was a kind of floury bun (see pics), but it really worked perfectly with the almost rusticy feel to the burger. I like that they haven’t just followed what everyone else is doing, but finding what works from every angle. I don’t think that sweet bun would have worked with the Venison burger due to the sweet nature of the toppings.

Sewperb Score: 9

Flour Power



Mental. Absolutely mental. The Venison burger sat on a bed of beetroot pickle (which gave it a fantastic texture) and on top of the Venison came the Pièce de résistance… The chocolate and quince sauce and the mellow but nutty Tunworth cheese. It seemed to be in melted mini blobs and helped the Venison come alive as the cheese is rich in fat. Again, it doesn’t overpower the Venison (It tastes like a milder version of Camembert) which is crucial. But for me the chocolate and quince sauce stole the show. It immediately hits you at the beginning of each bite, before calming down and letting the venison and Tunworth breathe in your mouth. Absolutely superb. The end.


Wow. I never thought I would get to eat a burger with beetroot pickle, chocolate and quince with Tunworth cheese! But that what accompanied the Bambi, and it all just worked so so well. Nothing overpowered anything else. Divine. The O.C was fantastic too, three cheese sauce (emmental, Monterey Jack, lyburn gold) instead of a slice and again you can really taste the care and thought that has gone into combining so many different types of cheese, with a lovely smoked onion jam. Brilliant. It didn’t need loads of ingredients piled up, it just worked.

Oooh Tunworth we love your way Score:8.5

Chunks of Tunworth and Chocolate & Quince sauce is just world class



The bun is very hearty but not quite stable enough to handle the huge patty. We cut the two burgers in half in order to try both and they did still hold together reasonably well.


I know recently we have moaned about not enough food… this was a feast! We were stuffed, how it should be. We could cut into the burgers and it all held together fine. The little of the juices that were left on the plate were mopped up with the final mouthful.

So big Score: 7

The O.C Burger


UPDATE 16/02/2013: Burger Breakout no longer resides at The Old Crown Pub so we have removed it from our league table.

UPDATE 06/01/13: We have since been back a few times and have been disappointed with the lack of consistency of the burgers. It’s therefore taken a bit of a hit on our league table and we have changed the individual scores. The venison is not quite the same, and we were not fans of the Whiskey Beast, where the mustard was just far too overpowering. We will be back though.

It’s clear that Dave not only takes extra special care in the way he makes his burgers, but also he goes ‘above and beyond.’ He even bought in a cheese expert to help him match the cheese to each burger (first the flavour, then texture, then how it would be melted)

At £14 for the Venison and £12 for the OC (including chips) you may feel these are on the expensive side. They aren’t. They are huge and you will be stuffed afterwards. Our only tiny tiny criticism would be that we could not taste even a subtle hint of horseradish in the ‘smoked horseradish chips,’ but they were still class.

We keep thinking about it again and again and will be back soon. PLEASE GO AND ENJOY IT.

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  1. So you boys liked it then? Bee-limey that’s about the most exciting, enticing & excitable burger review I’ve ever read. And even better, you can practically see this joint from my office window. I can feel a visit coming on verrrrrrrrrrrrrry soon.

  2. Sounds like its worth trekking up to the big smoke just for this!!

  3. Just had a burger here which came up raw (i.e. uncooked not rare). All the other burgers in our order were sevred cold. Wouldn’t advise goign here unless you like picking up food poisoning!

  4. Don’t believe the hype! Just went here for a work lunch, and was really quite bad. Chips were good and crispy but all 6 of our burgers were cold with one entirely rare beef burger and one uncooked chicken! Flavours look interesting written down but weren’t really executed with any generosity or vigour, and the whole experience was very lukewarm and left us cold. On complaining the manager said he could only deduct the completely rare one because we ‘didn’t mention it earlier’ so we ended up reluctantly paying about £14 each for cold underwhelming burgers.

    Would not recommend. Icky tummies all round in the office this afternoon….

    (PS try the Pig vs. Cow burger at Breakfast Club with double patty, pulled pork, gherkins and mature cheddar with brioche bun; also rate The Diner’s soft crab burger)


  5. Just to chip in from my colleagues comment above, this was quite simply the worst burger I have eaten in London. Great presentation and wonderful sounding combinations are let down by the chefs complete inability to cook. We were informed that they would be served “medium rare” but one of our party had a patty that hadn’t spent enough time on the heat to scare it, let alone cook it; great if you want to pay £12 for steak tartare, but not if you want an edible burger. My chicken burger which I thought was cold, turned out was undercooked too: Proven by the simple fact that instead of working as usual this afternoon, I shall be mainly conducting an extensive piece of research on the number of squares in a toilet roll as I’m going to have a lot of time to spare between holding on to the sides of the toilet.

    If you value your health, or want to be able to spend an afternoon not praying to the porcelain gods: DO NOT EAT HERE. Oh, and my glass of orange juice tasted of beer. NOT COOL GUYS.

  6. Another dreadful experience from me, I’m afraid to say. Went there for lunch today, my OC Burger was barely warmed, and very raw and cold in the middle. The bun was stale and crumbly, and the fries were limp. My friends pork burger was raw and cold in the middle, completely unacceptable for pork! Deeply disappointed, especially as I’d been raving about it since I read your review (I assumed it genuinely was better than the fabulous Admiral Codrington, which recently got deposed from the top spot).

    I strongly suggest that you re-review your ratings with a future trip to ensure consistent quality, because right now, having this as the “best burger in London” is hurting your credibility.

  7. I’m really surprised that this is your number one burger in town, could think of several joints and street stalls that absolutely knock spots off this. My burger was burnt on the bottom and raw in the middle, the top of the bun fell apart too easily while the base of it disintegrated the further on into the meal I ventured. As I used a knife and fork and cut around in a circle, I didn’t discover the burnt and raw parts until I’d eaten 2/3 of it. Plus there was so much English mustard on it that not only did it overpower my burger, I suffered from the dreaded “itchy nose & brain syndrome” on several occasions. The BBQ onion rings were tasty although a tad salty every now and again while the chips were ok although lacking in the horseradish part.

    I definitely agree with the other comments on how it sounds better on paper than in front of you; there wasn’t any whisky flavouring on the burger nor the bacon. Such a shame as the staff and atmosphere are great.

    • Sorry to hear that you had a poor burger there, Mark. For us it was absolutely brilliant. Plenty of others have raved about it as well, although we have heard a few negatives too. We have to judge our reviews there and then but it is clear they need to work on their consistency. We will be going back for round two within the next year and maybe things will change after that.

  8. I hate to jump on the bandwagon but after reading your review, I was really excited for my trip to Burger Breakout. I got the Whisky Beast, but was really underwhelmed. Mostly tasted of spicy mustard and it was VERY rare. Exceedingly rare. I know that good quality beef is supposed to be served rarer to let the flavour come through, but it was enough to make me squirmy.

    Rareness aside, it was the service that made me scratch my head a bit. I understand a place that *recommends* that a burger be served a certain way, but when I ordered and said “Can mine be cooked medium please?”, the waitress said, “The chef will only cook it medium rare.” I was willing to give it a go, but my friend (who I was going to share with) really hates uncooked meat and asked if it could be cooked just a tiny bit more. We didn’t think it was an unreasonable request, given we were one of just three tables in at the time, so it’s not like they were busy. The waitress said “Well if you want it cooked more, it can be well done, but that would ruin it.” Well that much is obvious. I don’t understand how it can either be medium rare OR well done but nothing in between? Does he not know how to cook a burger to different temperatures or is he just really stuck up about it?

    In the end my friend went for the chicken tenders, which were so, so good, and we both enjoyed the fries. I just couldn’t finish my burger because the rawness got to me. I didn’t get food poisoning or anything, but it was just a bit too much “rareness” for me.

    That being said, you raved so much about the Bambi Bought It, and I love venison, and I mean come on it’s CHOCOLATE on a burger; I have to give it another go. Hopefully it will be a better experience!

  9. I can testify that the ‘Bambi bought it’ made me tremble so…


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