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Elliot’s Cafe at Borough Market was one we have been looking forward to for a while as we had plenty of recommendations to go here, but they selfishly only serve the burger at lunch times Mon-Fri. Why they wouldn’t base their schedule around US, we honestly don’t know. Needless to say we cleared our schedules and headed over. Its great too, just one burger on the menu, no worries about options, no food envy at all.

What a lovely photo

Here we go then, review below..



Another fantastic bit of beef from Ginger Pig here. I was picking at it with my fingers it was so tasty. Cooked medium rare, this is one of the best patties of the lot so far. You barely have to chew it and we have been told they always try and aim for a 20% fat content. This certainly does not disappoint in flavour, but the patty could have been a touch bigger.


We have been truly spoilt recently. This patty was fantastic! Cooked to perfection and flavoured perfectly. Its right up there at the top of the league with some of the other joints we have tasted. Really juicy and is complimented well with the onions. It’s superbly tender and you can tell there isn’t really any nonsense about it, just a great balance of meats and fat content.

WINNER Score: 10

Chunky beef



This is one of the fluffiest buns I have ever had, but the fluffiness does not impact on the bun’s strength. Rip Test® passed with ease (is it just Burger King that fails it nowadays?!)! The base is thick and although not dense, which is crucial. I’m not normally a fan of toasted buns but this just works because it doesn’t give the burger a crispy texture. The big air pockets gives the bun the ‘sponginess’ it requires to reform after my hands try and squash it to death. Great.


A fantastic bun. Beautiful, light and fluffy yet holds together really well. The seeds on the burger just add something extra, bit more bite and texture, as well as adding a depth of flavour to every bite. A couple of people have mentioned to us the bun is made with oil rather than butter, which probably gives it a lighter feel.

Fluffsville Score: 9




I have never had toppings like this before. Beer-braised onions sit on the patty and then a huge melted blanket of Comté cheese completely smothers the burger. Comté cheese? Isn’t that used for fondue/raclette? Yes. It is strong and ever so slightly sweet, but despite it’s strength it doesn’t take over from the beautiful patty. But then comes the dill pickle, mixed with olive oil on the inside of the bun. Such a subtle flavour which completes this beauty. Again, no condiments required here which is another sign of a great burger.

Finally, the pickled cucumbers on the side are peeled! Too far? Nah nah. Shove them in the burger if you will but they taste just as good on the side.


Caramelised onions give a great sweetness to the burger, which is topped with the nice tangy Comté, which isn’t too overpowering to the experience. There is also a nice dressing on top, which is almost an antithesis to a ketchup, its light, fresh and gives a different vibe to this burger. It’s a dill pickle and its great. You also get a few slices of pickled cucumber to one side, which again add to the lightness and delicate feel to the burger.

Glorious Score:9

You can’t even see the patty. Brilliant



A Bloody good effort here. The picture says it all. Only Rocky could knock this bad boy down. STRONGER!


Close to perfect. Everything worked very well. While there was a bit of spillage from my burger, its nothing an experienced burger handler like myself couldn’t deal with.

Solid Score: 9

Beautifully formed


UPDATE 6/1/13: After careful review we have decided this is currently the BEST burger you can get your hands on in London. A real beauty!

This is one of London’s best burgers and is consistently brilliant across the board.

The only slight negative is the reasoning behind Elliot’s decision not to serve their burger on their evening menu. The waiter told us that they did not want the chef to come across as a “glorified McDonald’s” chef which does not fit their image in the evenings. Obviously we are biased but feel that they could clean up if it was available.

It’s good value (£12.50, standard) and everything is so fresh and made it real care. We left with huge grins.

Tip: Make sure you book as it does get fairly busy during lunch.

Until the next review. Ciao

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