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Bukowski Grill


So who has the hard act of following Elliot’s Cafe? Bukowski Grill at the Shoreditch Boxpark. We have seen a few of their burgers (the one on our Rate My Burger page looks quality) and heard polarised opinions but we wanted to make our own minds up. So this is our experience of our first burger eaten in a re purposed shipping crate.

The Fat Gringo

We both had October’s special, the Fat Gringo, but was it any good? Go on, read the review, you know you want to.



At first glance I was concerned with, what appeared to be a very small patty totally swamped by the bun and toppings. But this concern was quickly dispelled when I lifted the burger up (it was heavy) and took my first bite. The patty was incredibly “chunky” and “meaty,” which is exactly what I wanted as it not only filled you up but gave a nice deep texture to the burger.


A good sign! They ask you how you want the patty cooked, for which we both went for medium rare, the way it should be done I reckon. It was cooked well, I probably could have had it slightly rarer but the meat was tasty and the texture was spot on. I wouldn’t say as good of quality as Elliot’s and co but great nonetheless.

Class Score: 8

Coarse and Chunky



Aaaaaah! The Rip Test® was going so well, but here it….FAILED! The bun was weak and it could barely hold the heavy patty together. It did look good, but it was a bit too dry and lacked flavour. It certainly let the  burger down. Hmmm.


The bun was slightly toasted, not too much that it lost that nice bounce but just enough to add to flavour and bite. Overall it was ok, but for me, it was a little dry, I had a couple of bites that were more bun than burger and it was a tad dry. It had a nice look and shine to it.

Looks can be deceiving Score: 7

Looks good, tastes….



I loved them. The Monterey Jack cheese oozed over the entire patty, and had a fantastic gooey texture as it was melted by the steam, trapped within the dome shaped tin which was placed over the patty on the grill (I love it when burgers are made like this). The bacon was immense because it was chewy, not sloppy/under cooked, and gave the burger the subtle sweetness it needed. But the jalapeño mustard was the winner here as it held all the parts together. I love mustard yet it can become too pungent sometimes but the chef got the balance exactly right. Not too strong, not too plain, it left a pleasant taste in your mouth.


Monterey Jack cheese, candied bacon, jalapeño mustard, onion and tomato and lettuce make up the Fat gringo and it was great. The bacon was perfectly done for me, the sweetness and chewiness was great. The jalapeño mustard was brilliant too and it all worked very well together. Really in its elements its all quite simple, a bacon cheeseburger, but each topping and ingredient is great. The mustard, although it may look a lot in the pictures, wasn’t overpowering at all. It was great, if a little messy.

Delicious Score:9




Due to the poor bun, I am sure you were not expecting a glowing review of the structure. It is a tough one, because whilst the burger did not hold together well, I actually didn’t mind that because it is meant to be messy. The burger juices and jalapeño mustard dripped down my fingers but it was LOVELY licking them clean (like a dog…attractive).


Right. YOU WILL GET MESSY. This is a saucy burger, but a very good one. Nothing was too much and it was very enjoyable. It held together quite well, but again, bit of a mess! (good thing)

Weak foundation Score: 7.5



We are pleased we made the trip up to Shoreditch. It is tiny inside, but they do have a larger outside area they share with two additional tenants.

Despite the bun letting the burger down slightly, we would recommend you take the trip to East London and try it out. Perhaps after a heavy night out we reckon it would make a superb ‘hangover burger.’ The Fat Gringo special won’t be there for long (£9.50 + £1.50 for small chips), but expect the usual burgers to live up to similar standards.

The craft beers/ales are excellent (not the widest selection but doesn’t need to be) and the chips were pretty good, similar to good fish and chip chips.. Oh and Nick had the Waldorf Coleslaw. Really fresh and one of your 5 a day…. *ahem*

Finally, if you are starving then go wild and have “The Mother,” a burger with two patties. You will be able to handle it. We trust you

Until next time x

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  1. Hi Boys, how do you keep your figures when eating so many burgers? I noticed Nick in a wetsuit the other day and he looked very trim…? Please let me in on your secret


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