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Mother Flipper


What’s this…? Our first review Sarf of the river! What a treat. Brockley Market hosts a number of great little stalls, Including Mother Flipper. We have been hearing about their Candied double bacon burger for a while so had to give it a try. So in true Lance style we smashed down some EPO, nailed the roids, jumped on our bikes and we were there before you knew it.

Double Candy Bacon Flipper

We asked the kind lady serving if it was okay to order two burgers each as we had cycled there and she gave us full sign off (which was great). So we ordered the Green Chilli Burger (£5.50) and the Double Candy Bacon Flipper (£6.50)



There is a real home-made feel to these patties. You can see the chef prepare the  chuck beef with care (you would if using free range cows..from Kent!) and when formed the patties are ‘smashed’ on to the griddle, Mother Flipper tells me. They are juicy, coarse and consistent time after time which bodes well of course. Seasoned well and very generous in size these burgers are a winner for me.


Both the double bacon and green chilli were great; they are steamed as part of the process so they were both incredibly juicy and tasty. Every mouthful was extra succulent, and as the patty was so juicy it means you end up smashing your burger down even quicker than you might normally as you get so dirty! Plenty of beef to get stuck into as well, I was worried the green chilli looked a bit small. No problems there.

Juicy Mother F….. Score: 9




Every time I do the Rip Test® in front of new guests I always get a strange look. But I don’t care what anyone else thinks. IT IS IMPORTANT TO ME. So thankfully these buns passed with ease. Fresh, fluffy and moist, I think there was a good level of sweetness as there is no chance in hell the chefs want the bun to take control over the burger or toppings.


The bun was great, a nice little gloss to each burger. I have to mention too I love the pics, when you’re outside I think they look amazing. Given how juicy the burger is, its not a wonder that there is a bit of spillage, but the bun mops up the majority and everyone ends up happy.

Embrace the Rip Test! Score: 9




Oh boy. Both burgers were immense. The green chilli sounds like a fiery nightmare but it is actually a subtle dream.. Does that make sense? Maybe not. It has bags of flavour to it but it doesn’t burn your tongue or the back of your throat. However, the real winner for me was the Double Candied Bacon Flipper. Two words. Bacon. WOW. It is fried in maple syrup until caramelised and sticky. A DREAM! It is so sweet and chewy and just goes with the melted cheese so well. The base of the bun gets smothered in ketchup lines (they take their burgers so seriously), pickles, mustard, shredded iceberg lettuce and melted American cheese which is ‘steamed’ using the old metal bowl which covers the patty and toppings whilst being cooked. Glorious


To be honest I was more excited about the double bacon than the green chilli, however, even though the bacon was crispy and salty with a nice chew, basically perfect, the green chilli was immense. Not too spicy so don’t worry (even though I’m a massive lad and can handle hot stuff), with a nice sweetness running through it. Thinking back now its hard to pick between them but the green chilli did surprise me how good it was. Jumping around a bit, but back on the bacon burger, it is how I love burgers, sometimes just so simple but everything is done so well.

Yum Score:9

World class streaky bacon



It holds together fine but because of the juicy burger (due to the steam and high fat content in the meat…mmmm) you will get dripped on so be careful. But I love that, outside in fresh South East London air, with some kitchen roll in your hand ready to mop up the mess. A bit of fun really.


Hmm, it was a little messy, with a bit of spillage but sometimes this is okay. I really liked the whole vibe of this place; you get your burger and can go find a little patch of grass to eat all by yourself. Getting back to nature you know. Beautiful innit.

Messy fun Score: 8.5

The Green Chilli


This is our first ‘pop up’ or outdoor gig we have been too and it was absolutely delicious and superb value. Our guests Tom and Simone quite agreed with us. There is a little wait for each burger as they are cooked to order but it is certainly worth it.

Stop. Yes. Just stop. We know you are thinking that South East London is miles away from civilisation. IT ISN’T. The train to St John’s (with Brockley market 1 minute away) takes just 7 minutes from London Bridge. Or if you want to have two burgers guilt free why not cycle over?

For those living North of the river, Mother Flipper are starting a new pop up for 1 month this Friday 26th October at the Black Heart pub in Camden. The provisional hours are Thursdays 3pm-10pm, Fridays 12:00- 10:30pm and Saturdays 12:00-10:30pm. But just to be clear, they are STILL going to be at Brockley Market on Saturdays from 10:00am-2pm during this time.

We can’t wait to go back.

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  1. So many burgers …. so little time. Please slow down you two! How can a girl (even a very greedy one) keep up?!!


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