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Forty Burgers


What an utter treat for us south Londoners the past week or so. First Mother flipper, now Forty Burgers (ok it is sort of south) at the Cask Pub & Kitchen in Pimlico. This is quite a new pop up in a pub that has an absolutely incredible beer selection. Great beer + amazing burgers, is there a better combination??

Forty Burgers

We went for a local beer and the bacon cheeseburger (£11.70 including chips)….



Decent patty, but not top quality for me. I thought it would be, seeing as it is made of 40 day aged rib and 30 day aged rump but it was cooked for too long. Seasoned well, yet there was no zing, no panache. No melt in your mouth stuff. It didn’t run like a really well oiled engine room. A middle of the road patty that could (or should) have been so much better.


Not bad, but I wouldn’t say it was great. Personally I would prefer a thicker patty that heads closer to rare than the medium we had it here. Apparently the beef is the same beef the queen eats (or something along those lines) “We cook burgers using beef sourced from a Royal Warrant holder to HM The Queen”. So the quality is there! Just for me, the beef wasn’t the highlight of the show.

Improvements to be made Score: 7

Chunky beef



Absolutely fine this was. Very fluffy and it’s brioche that we have had many times before. It works well and they clearly know this. I loved the colour of the bun though and you can tell from the photo below that it would have definitely past the Rip Test®. The top of the bun is about 3 mm thick. Lovely sweetness to it!


Standard bun really now. Lovely soft brioche which adds that sweetness to the bites. It held together well and had a beautiful glaze over the top. I love the pics we have that we cut in half as you can see the cross section, and it looks great. Think Damien Hirst a la formaldehyde. It’s art, our way.

Good boy Score: 7

Sensational colour



Lettuce at the bottom. Tick. Long thinly sliced tangy pickle next. Tick. Thick generous amount of cheddar on the patty. Tick. Red onion marmelade (which seems a popular topping). Tick. Crispy, salty, gorgeous bacon. TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK. This is quite possibly the best standard streaky bacon (Mother Flippers’ bacon was not standard) I have had on a burger. Absolutely superb.

The choice of Stoke sauces was mesmerising as well (and you know about my sauce addiction). Bloody Mary ketchup! Brilliant! But the BBQ sauce was the best I have ever had… Although I didn’t have much, because Andy stole most of it :(.


Now as I mentioned earlier, it’s not the patty which steals the show here. It’s the bacon, its so salty with just the right amount of crispiness. With that marmalade on top it balances out perfectly. So so tasty, I absolutely loved it. Strange given that the patty isn’t the King, but still makes up for it through that bacon, marmalade and cheddar.

World class bacon Score:9

Crispy crispy bacon.



No mess here. Well structured and few problems. I think having any salad at the bottom of the burger is key though, as it stays in place throughout because of the weight of the patty. It’s time all burger joints moved forward this way. Leave the 5 a day at the bottom and keep the ‘real’ toppings on top.


It held together well and it allowed us to cut it in half without major breakage. It was a really well put together burger, giving a great taste and offered something different for me. Very happy.

Happy Score: 8

Forty Burgers


We are really pleased we went here. As a whole we enjoyed it and would definitely go back. It isn’t just a burger “joint.” The stars of the show at the pub are the range of beers, and the burger is something extra which tops the whole experience off.

If they make improvements to the patty then this could be up there in the league, but nevertheless we do recommend you head there for a nice pint of ale or craft beer, and a good, honest burger.

Oh, and go for the bacon dust upgrade for your chips. It’s gorgeous.

Bye bye now.

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  1. I just reviewed this place and was underwhelmed. The patty was too small, shrivelled and overcooked, while the chutney/pickle stuff just overwhelmed all the other flavours.


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