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The Thirty Burger


So Forty Burgers is done and dusted and just to confuse you we’re now heading back to Wenlock & Essex for another review to try their new off menu special “Thirty Burger”. It’s a new special they are only doing for 30 days! So get in there quick.

The Thirty Burger

This is a MUST READ so see what we thought below…



First things first. This patty was absolutely MASSIVE. 9 ounces! “Quality not quantity,” is the age old saying, but have no fear, this patty had quantity AND quality. Fantastic. Superb. Gorgeous. Brilliant. Incredible. I have run out of superlatives. Yes, this patty was that good. It was a combination of 30 day aged rump, sirloin, rib and chuck, with a 30% fat content (good fats of course….*ahem*)! Never had a burger with that much fat but it was so delicious. Cooked to absolute perfection (med-rare), this patty had bags of flavour, was chunky, and was the star of the show. I was in ecstasy.


WOW! So part of the thirty burger is the 30% fat content versus a normal 20% (roughly). You can tell immediately, the flavour is slightly richer, juicy and awesomely tasty. It was huge and yet felt so delicate at the same time. Honestly the best bite of a patty I have ever had, and with every bite it just got better and better. Even from my first bite, I could tell this was something special.

Incredible Score: 10




The bun is a brioche of the highest order. Coming with James’s (the head chef) seal of approval (look at the line on the top of the bun), it excelled in the Rip Test®. Absolutely crucial here for me, because the patty was so big, it needed to control the engine, keep it well oiled and functioning properly as a unit, and it did that. So sweet and fluffy, but it doesn’t steal anything away from the toppings or the patty.


Again, a thing of beauty. What could contain, and tame this thing of beauty that sat within? It had to match up to the challenge… It surely did. Lovely sweetness, with the right texture, shape and size to make it all work. Its like this burger was just born in this bun. Matched to perfection.

Beaut Score: 9

Look at the seal of approval



What’s that beneath the patty I hear you cry? Freshly made coleslaw, with carrot, white cabbage, red onion, and finely sliced pickles, dressed in honey and lemon juice. This may sound a little odd, but it actually works! It adds a subtle crunchy texture to the burger.

The cheese is smothered over the top and side of the beast! It’s a blend of Montgomery cheddar, which gives it a strong taste, and mild cheese to help it melt! Yum yum yum! But it gets better, as there is a little surprise tucked up underneath the cheese blanket, a delicious, sticky sweet red onion marmalade with a twist. This is what sets it apart from standard chutneys. In James’ words: ‘The onions are first sweat, then the pan is de-glazed with a deep red wine jus. The pan browns and then is de-glazed again with balsamic and a bit of sugar.’

Nom Nom Nom!


What lies beneath? What lies beneath the beautifully melted cheese on top of this beast burger? A hidden gem in the onion marmalade, which just adds another dimension. The lovely slaw gives that bite but the onion marmalade adds a sweet flavour against the beefy beast. You can tell the care that goes into the cooking of this bad boy.

Irresistible Score:9.5

The onion marmalade is tucked under the blanket of cheddar



I have given this the best structural score yet because of how the burger managed to hold together despite it’s mammoth size. The bun has got to get credit for this, but it is also the little things such as putting the shredded coleslaw beneath the patty to hold it in place, and to hide the red onion marmalade beneath the blanket of cheese, meant that this was not messy at all. Extraordinary.


Usually with something this big, you would think you would have to compromise on structure a bit. Not at all, everything held together and really worked. Beautiful truffle chips on the site with parmesan were a perfect match too.

Best structure yet Score: 9.5



We deliberated for only a short period on this and we are now proud to announce that this is currently LONDON’S BEST BURGER! GO FOR IT! NOW!

This is only a special (priced at £15) and will be available for just 30 days as of November 5th, so get in there quickly and make sure you book before you arrive to ensure there is meat in stock, as there is a limited supply! Oh and remember that they accept Tastecard as long as you book in advance!

The burgers here are always made with such care and attention. But more importantly for us, they burst with flavour time and time again. We couldn’t ignore the sheer brilliance of this burger and we must be honest with you so it is our NEW NUMBER 1 where it deserves to be


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  1. Wow – praise indeed!!!

    Lynne Lowery

  2. Poor Adders Codders, you boys have moved on…

  3. DisappointedInNo1Burger

    I went last night after reading this review, unfortunately they swapped out the bun for an inferior style and the patty was raw 80% through. Such a shame. If you add kitchen consistency to the ratings they would drop down…

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