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BBQ Whisky Beer


BBQ Whisky Beer. No nonsense name, what’s the burger going to be like?? Well, it’s around Ravenscourt Park (bit of a journey, but we’re used to the pilgrimages we go on now) and based at the old Grand Union pub.

Some of the houses round there! Wow! How many burgers do you have to blog about to live in a house that big??

It’s only a 2 month pop up so it is not around for long (finishes at Xmas), but obviously we wanted to get our grubby hands on the burgers.

Half Pounder

We both went for the half pounder bacon cheeseburger, you know, to mix it up a bit…



Damn. This wasn’t the best. The meat had a strange texture, similar to Rivington’s beef. It appears as though the patty was minced and then glued together again. It left a strange charcoally taste in the mouth. Not for me. Sorry


Hmmm, bit of a shame. Really excited about this, but it just wasn’t that good. It was really, really packed and the texture was poor. I hate to say it, but the meat was such hard work, I got a bit bored of eating it. Overcooked for my liking to.

Poor Score: 5

The beef seems minced and packed together



The bun looked great but tasted ‘not great’. Darker tone to the other golden buns we are used to, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the bun was over toasted, making it too crispy. This then had a profound effect on the texture. A crispy burger bun? It doesn’t work. It didn’t appear to be the freshest of buns either. Rip test®, inconclusive.


It was too toasted for me, which might have worked with a “sloppier” burger, but as the patty was quite dry and packed in, it made the whole thing hard work. It did look good though!

Work to do Score: 6




The toppings included their own relish, cheddar cheese, and bacon. Unfortunately the relish took control of the entire burger so that was the lingering smokey/spicy taste that lasted for a few hours in my mouth. I had to be reminded by Andy on the train home that the burger did have bacon it in it, because I couldn’t taste it! A real shame.


It didn’t really all work for me. I didn’t get any punch of cheese, as there wasn’t really enough for me, and it had been over melted. I didn’t really taste the bacon either, which I have never experienced before. I did like the relish but it didn’t really work as a whole.

Ouch Score:6

Relish overpowered everything



The best bit of the lot. It was a fairly tall burger as it was a half pounder, but the bun coped with it admirably and it was structurally sound


Yeah, the structure was good, but that’s because it was all a bit dry. It wasn’t going to really cause any mess. It’s tough as well, because they had to follow the fantastic 30 burger…

Good Score: 8

Burger small or hands big?


The good: Wings (very impressive and generous), chips (the thinnest crispy skin I have ever had. Lovely), Pulled Pork (I tried Hughie’s (one guest) pork and it was great), and the cornflake caramel sundae was divine. The staff were also very friendly and welcoming.

The bad: The burger

Price: £15 for the half pounder, chips, beer and a whiskey (this is encouraged)

We had high hopes for this place but we left disappointed.  We do hope they improve considerably


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