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Burger Bear


We’ve been trying to get down to visit Tom at Burger Bear for ages. We finally managed to get down to Red Market (or the site where Red Market used to be in old Street) on Friday. It’s been ages since we’ve smashed a burger, not ages for a normal person, but ages for the Burgaffair boys. For that we apologise and we’re going into overdrive in December. We pretty much have to, in order keep up with all the new joints opening.

Burger Bear Tom

Grizzly Bear

Our review of  Burger Bear (grrrrrr?) can be read below..



Prepared very early in the morning, these beef patties are popped onto the grill and then squished down with a spatula, to form a home-made style burger. The beef was excellent. Chunky, not too rich, and seasoned to perfection (with Cornish rock salt and South American cracked black pepper) these patties did hit the mark for me. They had a real street food ‘feel ‘about them.


We chatted to Tom and the passion with which he talks about his burgers really translates into flavour too. Beautiful patties, with a really deep flavour that gave it a different edge to some of the others we have tried. It was so juicy, with a perfect amount of seasoning  and you really got a nice lasting flavour too after you have finished your bite.

Yeah Baby Score: 8.5

Burger Bear Tom

Not round



The bun reminded me of the ones they serve up at Meat Liquor. They don’t look structurally sound as they have a soft feel about them, but how wrong I was. After taking my first bite, the initial taste was a sweet hit from the bun. It was great. There is always a danger that sweet buns can ruin the entire burger but the depth of the beef shone through instantly, negating the sweetness. Gorgeous. Yeah yeah Rip Test® whatever (passed absolutely fine).


I really like these sorts of buns, it matches the burger type, similar to MeatLiquor and Tommi’s, it’s lovely and sweet with a really nice chew to it. You sort of need that element of “doughy-ness” to soak up all the beautiful juices from the toppings and patty. It worked really well for me.

Sweetness Score: 8.5

Burger Bear Tom

Doughy yet fluffy



Hehehehe. Oh yes. The streaky bacon was cooked to perfection. It was chewy and slightly crispy, which is exactly what you want. It comforted the burger. You don’t want to upset the beef. The engine room needs to be well oiled and the bacon helped with that. But the real STAR OF THE SHOW was the homemade bacon jam. Oh it was absolutely LOVELY. So sticky and lovely lovely lovely! I wanted to take some home with me but it was so popular there wasn’t much left.

The cheese is simple American cheese, but the entire burger (minus the base) is enclosed with a metal domed lid on the grill (the steaming effect) melting the cheese perfectly. YES.


We smashed the bacon cheeseburger (the grizzly). It was simple. A patty, a layer of lovely cheese, streaky bacon and a bacon jam (lettuce lies beneath with American mustard and ketchup). The bacon was cooked well and the salad was fine.

What really brought it all together for me was the bacon jam. Absolutely phenomenal. So sweet and salty, and you can see on the pics its spread over the patty and gives a lovely glaze. I could eat that like yoghurt. We both agree it was brilliant, and Tom also mixes it up every now and again with different batch types, but having tried a couple they really worked. It takes the simple burger to that next level (without sounding too Masterchef!)

Gorgeous bacon jam Score:9

Burger Bear Tom

The Bacon jam is smothered over the beautiful patty



Perfectly fine. We found a bench to destroy these and whilst the fat dripped down our arms (class) the bun supported the patty and toppings well.


Yeah good overall, a little bit of spillage, but I think with these types of burgers it’s kind of what to expect.

Happy Score: 8

Burger Bear Tom

Grizzly in all its glory


We had high hopes for Burger Bear and we are pleased to say it really delivered. Next time we want to try the greedy bear which is the same as the grizzly but with an extra patty. Can’t wait.

At £6.50 we think this is very good value too. The star of the show was the bacon jam as it complimented the entire burger perfectly.

Tom has a permanent spot at Red Market now although currently he is there on Thursdays and Fridays only from 12-3. But he will soon have a container with potentially two floors!

To find out more about other markets he attends check out his twitter page.

On to the next review now….

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  1. The steamed dome you keep going on about is called a Cloche ! Call yourself burger experts, pah!


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