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Patty & Bun


Patty & Bun, which has just opened, was the next on our list to review. Opening round the corner from both Meat Liqour and Tommi’s how on earth would it be able to compete right? It already however comes with a big reputation, and based on the queues we’re sure they’ll be alright.

Ari Gold

Ari Gold

So, as the regulars say… “Ari me up” (which is a cheeseburger)



Yes. This was good. Very good in fact. It was a real chunky bit of beef which was flaky yet coarse. The juices were literally running down my arm and all over the table. I liked my patties cooked medium rare, and this was bang on the money. I did feel that what would have made this a ten is a more seasoned, well rounded patty. The flavour did not quite hit the mark, but it was damn close.


Mmmmm. That’s not a ‘hmmm’, but an ‘mmmm yeah!’ It was lovely. Tender, massively juicy, and very tender. Cooked to perfection, the meat is quite coarse, which is great as it gives a bit more bite and texture to the patty. If anything, I do think perhaps it could have a bit more seasoning, but that’s just being picky.

Deep and Rich Score: 9

Thick beef

Thick beef



“Remember the Rip Test®. You can’t keep lying to everyone by pretending to do it,” Andy said. That’s NOT TRUE! I may have forgotten it once, okay? Not this time though. The top of the bun was very sweet but not ‘rippable’ so it passed. I agree with Andy though, the under-bun was too thin and the sheer weight of the big patty and juices squashed it too much, so it struggled to support. It still tasted very good though


Now the burger is unbelievably juicy, along with the onions, cheese and burger sauce, the bun struggles…a lot. This is a very messy burger, now sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes not. Just be prepared. The under-bun struggles big time. I just recommend eating it quickly to overcome that! The bun is a lovely brioche sweet ums though.

Taste great but weak Score: 8.5





The flavour of the toppings were immense. They hit you as soon as you take the first bite. Tomatoes do have a place in a burger if they are cut thin enough and the slices here were absolutely perfect.  The ‘Ari Gold’ is a combination of  ketchup on the base, iceburg lettuce, tomato and on the top of the patty lies this blanket of cheese and pickled onion, giving it a nice, slightly crunchy texture and a lovely smokey p&b mayo. Excellent…until the bacon comes though (which is an add-on). It ruined it for me, as it was inedible. I have never had bacon like this. Chewy rubbery fat. No thanks.


The cheese and onions are great, and the overloaded burger sauce is really tasty. Now, my only issue with the toppings was the bacon. It’s probably sacrilege to order bacon on top of the ari burger but we both did, and it was awful. Not sure what happened there, but it tasted strange and was really really chewy??! A shame because what lies beneath is pretty cool.

Forget the bacon! Score:8.5 (without the bacon)


Messy messy messy



Right. This is a MESSY burger. That is what it is meant to be, so Andy and I kept this in mind when discussing the score. BUT for me I think the burger was just a little too ‘wet.’ It wasn’t “gooey” messy like Meat Liquor, but “wet messy” which ruined the structure. I suggest getting a thicker bun base to help cope with this.


A real lack of structure. This burger is messy. But, lets call it Lionel Messi, as its still very good. Just be prepared. Oh, and don’t order the bacon.

One word: Messy Score: 7.5

We put this in again as we love this shot

We put this in again as we love this shot


This is a very good burger, but not yet a great burger. There is lots of hype about this place and rightly so, but we were expecting more. It is reasonably good value at £7 for the Ari Gold (exc chips) as it does fill you up, but the chips were disappointing as they were just pure crunch. They had been cooked too long but we are going to put this down to the first week. We would love to go back, even if for the juicy chicken wings to start or even the peanut butter choc ice (what a great idea!).

It’s certainly a top ten for us, and whilst it’s scores the same as its rivals in the ‘Burger Triangle’ if we had to choose Patty & Bun pips them for us.

We are looking forward to going back and gorging ourselves on an Ari Gold again and some of Joe’s other creations.

Until next time.

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  1. Thought it was ok, but didn’t really seem like it was pure beef. Do they claim to sell 100% beef burgers?


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