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Another week, another new burger joint to try. Us burger lovers are really being spoilt at the moment! Personally I think it’s great to see more places open up, bring em on! Let’s just hope the standards are up to scratch hey… It was time to review BRGR.



Here’s the story…



We both ordered the 8oz ‘Masterpiece’ which contains multiple ‘blends’ of meat. It’s good quality and it was cooked well, medium rare. It reminded me a bit of Tommi’s beef, which looked chunky and a bit like tuna! Yet it lacked any seasoning and the outside of the patty sometimes had a subtle hint of charcoally flavour which wasn’t overly pleasant.


So they bill their biggest burger the “masterpiece”… big boys shit that. For me though, it was nice enough, but nothing that special. It was weird as the burger selection they have just seems a bit sparse.. a few of their burgers come without a bun?? Strange one. The emphasis is on building your own burger, but for me, I want something special. The patty was ok, but just ok. Good texture, but lacked in flavour and character.

Shucks Score: 6


Looks good..



The bun was nice. But that was just it. Nice. It passed the Rip Test® which is always a bonus of course, but other than that it didn’t ignite the taste buds or palate.


Nice enough, but again this is going to be a running theme for me. It was all just nice, give me something to write about! Went well enough with the patty though.

hmmm Score: 7





Disappointing. We understand that this is a “build your own burger” joint but the elements you build your burger with are bland and lack any excitement. We both ordered cheese on our burgers (I went for cheddar) and it was just a thin slice on top, and that was basically it….apart from the iceburg lettuce, ring of tomato, a minute ring of raw red onion, and 3 tiny bits of juiceless pickles (look at the photo here) It just fell completely flat. Toppings are such a crucial part of the burger after the patty, and these ‘toppings’ did not allow the burger to fulfil its dream at all.


Ah gosh… what can we say here. Just a cheeseburger, but there was nothing special to it. A great burger creates it’s own little niche, I mean… Burger Bear chutney, Motherflipper Bacon, Patty and Bun burger sauce, Wenlock’s patty and chutters…. Where can this sit alongside those guys? We probably did it wrong or something, but the bits you can add to the burger didn’t really appeal to me.

Oh dear Score:3





No issues with structure at all, only because the bun had to essentially handle just the patty.


Yeah, fine. End of really. I just think the burger sadly sits well within the whole joint. It just lacks a bit of character, sure people will go, its in a popular area an offshoot from Ox circus. But for you burger lovers… well.

Easy Score: 8




Simple burgers, cooked to perfection in the heart of Soho,” is BRGR.CO’s tagline, and this is the problem. The burgers are just too “simple.” Simple in flavour and simple in innovation. We wanted and expected so much more. There were no interesting flavours or any parts of the burger that we thought “wow, that tastes delicious,” which is a shame.

Its location is perfect for high footfall so we do not worry about it being empty. However, to be honest, if we were in the area and were hungry, we would not recommend to go here. It doesn’t taste bad; it’s just a bit limp and bland. Even after smothering the burgers with some house sauce or selection of sauces they provide (HP BBQ, ketchup etc), it does not excite you.

In summary we felt BRGR lacks any passion. A line of chefs seemed to be just flipping burgers and letting the customer do the rest with bland toppings.

We hope things improve because they know better than us that the market is there!


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  1. Ouch indeed. Though also a bit of a relief that at least here’s one place to which I don’t need to make a pilgrimage!

  2. I’m surprised you were this nice. My patty was grey and tasted only of char. Even the HP BBQ couldn’t tempt me to finish the other half.

  3. Fair enough Kate. We must have been ‘lucky’ with our patty I guess? So it’s safe to say you won’t be going back? 🙂


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