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Bleecker St. Burger


So the final burger review of 2012. We had left this one way too long, but managed to hit up Bleecker St Burger before they packed up for the year. A beautiful day for it too at Kerb, Kings Cross, and despite a prediction for the end of the world, nothing was going to get in the way of this experience. Bloody Mayans.

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street

Zan, the owner, started Bleecker St Burger in July, having worked in a Lower East Side burger joint in NYC for a year.  She and her team work in a kitted out burger truck, roaming the streets of London…



Firstly, there is a tiny chalk board resting on the side indicating that all burgers are cooked medium rare (yay!) unless requested otherwise.  Nursing a hangover, I was expecting (and needing) big things. And WOW. This beef from The Butchery was truly astonishing. With a 25% fat content, this blend of chuck, forerib and short rib was on to a winner. It was literally melt in your mouth beef and cooked to absolute perfection! Seasoning was spot on, tenderness was spot on, texture was spot on.  Zan knows what she is doing and is clearly proud of it. GORGEOUS.


The beef was beautiful, it was one of those melt in your mouth patties. Really succulent too. There was a fantastic flavour with this patty, one of the best I have tasted. The chuck, shortrib and forerib combo work perfectly together and create a distinctive flavour. I truly think I could eat this patty on a blind taste and tell you where it’s from as its just so different. Really rich and indulgent it almost seemed, and for a “thin” patty it really was amazing.

Yessss Score: 9.5

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street



Zan searched “high and low for buns” for a considerable amount of time, and eventually found what she was looking for. It shows in the quality of this lightly toasted poppy topped bun. Most of the buns we have had so far have been brioche based but this is more of a “standard” bun, passing the Rip Test® easily. Fluffy and sturdy.


The bun was great too. Toasted enough to hold together, without toasting too much and ruining the texture. There was also a drop of olive oil on the bun I think which added to depth of flavour. Classic NY burger keeping true to its roots here.

Good Score: 8

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street



Simple, American toppings. Homemade burger sauce placed on the toasted buns, rings of onion, and slices of melted American cheese on top of both patties finished this beauty. It was a gooey delight and complimented the tender beef so well. There is nothing special here, but at the same time after each bite I wasn’t left disappointed.  Excellent.


Again, back to the roots of a classic NY burger. Classic American cheese, with a great burger sauce smothered on top. It was tangy and worked beautifully as an ensemble. Simple and sexy.

Simples Score:8.5

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street


The structure was fine. You can see from the photos that the double cheeseburger is a tall sandwich, so it was messy, but I liked it! Yum Yum Yum!


Worked well together, didn’t fall apart. So happy boy!

All smiles Score: 8.5

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street


In short, our hangovers were cured. But this is ‘so much more’ than a hangover cure burger. It represents the US, specifically NYC. Proper street food without the bullshit. You know what you are going to get with this filling feast and it delivers.

At £9 for the double cheeseburger (£7.90 on its own) and really really really moreish skin on chips (£2.50 on their own) this may sound expensive for a pop up burger truck but we believe it’s good value. It was immensely filling and of superb quality and we would recommend Bleecker St Burger to anyone.

You can find Zan and her team at Kerb at Kings Cross on specific day’s throughout the week. Check out their website which is updated regularly.

Go go go go go!

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