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League Table Update 2013

Hello and Happy New Year!

We have extensively reviewed our league table over the last few days and have made big changes to the standings for a number of reasons:

1. The Wenlock & Essex 30 burger is no longer on the menu and the chef has since left the restaurant, so we have removed this from the league table.

2. The chef at Admiral Codrington left months ago, and the burger is not the same as it was. We have therefore removed from the league table.

3. BBQ Whiskey Beer no longer exists, so has also been removed from the standings.

4. For the remaining, there have been some big changes to the scores. What is important for us is consistency. We have been to the majority of the burger joints more than once and some have disappointed us, but some have surprised us.

The three reviews of the burger joints  we have removed from the league table are still available to read however. We are not deleting any posts.

We therefore have a BRAND NEW best burger in London, ELLIOT’S cafe by Borough Market. GO FOR IT

The Burgaffair continues…


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