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The Burgaffair 2012 Awards


So we decided to wrap up our 2012 burger experience with some awards for the stand out burgers in their fields. We do not have awards to give out as such, and we want to recognise some of the major players that just missed out too. In our movie theme, we present you THE FIRST BURGAFFAIR AWARDS (hold for applause).  Scroll to the bottom for our Burger Of The Year.

What Lies Beneath (Surprise of the Year)

Wenlock & Essex
Burger Bear
Tommi’s Burger Joint
Mother Flipper

Winner: Mother Flipper

What a burger it was that won it. The ‘Double Candy Bacon Flipper’ was an absolute joy to eat. Whilst it looks absolutely delicious, we were not aware of how much of an impact the candied bacon would have, dancing around our mouths like Michael Jackson on acid (or maybe just Michael Jackson?)! It was devoured within minutes. Superb. Read our review here.

Mother Flipper

Mother Flipper

 Lord of the Fries (Best Fries)

Honest  Burgers
Bleecker St Burger
Burger and Lobster
Meat Liquor

Winner: Honest Burgers

Damn those fries are good. Every mouthful is a rosemary salted delight. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, the first chips we have ever had without the need of a condiment. Unique idea. Excellent stuff. Read our review here.

Honest Burger (soho)

Honest Burgers (soho)

Lord of the Wings (Best Wings)

Patty & Bun
Meat Liquor
Burger Breakout
The Diner

Winner: Meat Liquor

Absolutely no deliberation needed on this one. Nothing compares to these hot, saucy and tangy chicken wings of dreams. Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, we just don’t understand how they make these so well.  They are just so so moreish and the blue cheese sauce is immensely creamy and lovely. Nick orders an extra pot to eat like a yoghurt he likes it so much.  Weirdo.

Meat Liquor wings

Meat Liquor wings

Burger, She Wrote (Most Unique)

Elliot’s Café
Patty and Bun
Burger Breakout

Winner: Burger Breakout.

The “Bambi Bought It” was top of our leaderboard for a considerable time and we were surprised too, that venison would be the meat within the best burger in London. But it wasn’t the venison that won this award, it was Dave’s ability to build a totally unique burger from scratch that just works. Chocolate and quince sauce in a burger? Tunworth cheese? This is not your standard American cheese, pickle and patty ‘do.’ Elliot’s was a very close second. Read our review here

Burger Breakout (bambi)

Burger Breakout (Bambi Bought It)

No Country for old Bacon (Topping of the year)

Mother Flipper
Wenlock & Essex

Winner: Hawksmoor

Tough one to choose from as any of our nominees could have won this. The candied bacon from Mother Flipper, the onion marmalade on The Thirty Burger etc. However, we have to give it to Hawksmoor here. That fantastic Kimchi beneath the burger was tasty, tangy and completely different to anything we have tried. Bravo. Review here.


Hawksmoor Kimchi

The Beer Hunter (Best Beer Experience)

Forty Burgers
Wenlock & Essex
Burger & Lobster
Lucky Chip

Winner: Burger & Lobster

We all know how great beer can be. What’s better than a nice cold beer to wash down a juicy burgs? B&L just nicked this one for us due to their huge selection of fantastic beers, crafts, lagers, spirits, all of it. Sierra Nevada on tap also is a winner. Read our review (of the burger) here.

Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster

Supersize Me (Burger Of The Year)

Elliot’s Café, ‘Cheeseburger’
Burger Breakout, ‘Bambi Bought It’
Wenlock & Essex, ‘Thirty Burger’
Admiral Codrington, ‘Cheeseburger’

Winner: Wenlock & Essex, ‘Thirty Burger’

Burger of the year! Boom! Here we are. Some of you surely guessed this, if you read the review of The Thirty Burger, you read us literally going mental (in text) over it. Totally deserved for this bad boy. Indulgent, rich, and despite the size, just makes you want to cram in even more. We are not sure if it’s legal to marry a burger, but we might ask. In fact, maybe that’s not the best idea. We are just gutted that we are never going to get to eat another Thirty Burger again. Oh god, never again 😦 (breaks down), cue the music, CUE THE MUSIC. CUE IT! GO ON! CUE IT! Ok, we’ll stop this now. Read our review here.

Wenlock & Essex "30 Burger"

Wenlock & Essex “Thirty Burger”

So that concludes the 2012 Burgaffair awards. Here’s to a HUGE 2013 of London burgers. We have still got so many places to try so do stay tuned, follow us on twitter @burgaffair, and see how our league table changes throughout the year.

What are you thoughts on the winners we have chosen? Let us know below.

Catch up soon


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