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Burger and Shake


A strange place to place a burger joint, around Russell square/ Holborn. For me (Andy), having worked in Holborn before, the whole area is devoid of any personality (excluding fleet river bakery). It would be interesting to see what this place is like. Their strap line claims “sexy burgers” amongst other things. Who came up with that?

Burger & Shake

Burger & Shake

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My first impression was that this patty was far too small. It seemed to get lost in the burger, which was a real disappointment. ‘6oz’ the menu stated. I was dubious and I still am. The beef was coarse and chunky, but there was a distinct lack of flavour and seasoning. For me it was ever so slightly over cooked too, despite the waitress claims it comes medium rare.


The flavour of the burger was too easily washed away. Plenty more seasoning needed on this, as I got no hit of the beef at all. We both felt it could have been bigger too. I don’t know if that’s because our last burger was bloody huge (stiff arm at The Diner), but it was a bit lost on me.

Too small and lacked flavour Score: 5.5

Burger & Shake

Too thin



I am getting a bit fed up with these buns. It seems that the darker/browner the bun gets, the more strange it tastes. I love brioche buns but this is going too far. It may have past the Rip Test®, and was fluffy inside, but it was too sweet and had a strange, chewy texture. All style and no substance I’m afraid.


The bun was ok for me, it just fell apart a bit too easily. I don’t know the science of buns, or the splits of dough types, but this just needed a bit of firming up. A bit of backbone really, to add some character to the burger.

Weird Score: 6

Burger & Shake

Too brown



The cheese was good as it had melted well and it was sticky. But the tomato was far too watery and ruined the flavour of the burger. It was sliced thinly (which is a positive), but it still had too much of a negative impact. The ‘pickle’ tasted funny, like a cucumber that had been doused in vinegar for an hour. Not a proper pickle for me. My two main gripes with the toppings were the bacon and the horse radish and mustard ketchup. For god’s sake, why can’t bacon be cooked properly? Nobody wants sloppy, fatty bacon on a burger. It doesn’t work and ruins the whole experience.

The horse radish and mustard ketchup left one of the strangest tastes in my mouth that I have ever experienced after eating a burger. Sorry guys, but I cannot explain the taste. I could make something up, but I won’t. It just wasn’t right (and I love both condiments individually)


So not sure where the rest of our bacon was, and also why it was so undercooked. Good bacon adds so much to a burger, just look at Burger Bear Tom using deliciously crispy bacon and bacon jam. The cheese was fine for this patty but the lettuce, tomato and sort of cucumber didn’t really work. As the patty didn’t pack much flavour it just seemed to be overwhelmed by a tomato?? The sauces tasted odd too…

The cheese was the only star Score:4.5

Burger & Shake

The bacon..




Not much to say here really. The burger as a whole was pretty heavy (due to the weight of the toppings) and this was structurally sufficient.


Sort of held together, but its only a small burger. You shouldn’t have any problems. As a side I did like the wings, pretty good, a thicker blue cheese dressing would make them even better.

High score Score:8

Burger & Shake



Sad faces from Andy and me. This was just not right. “Sexy burgers” it states on the menu and their website. These were anything but sexy. The House burger cost a whopping £9. Very poor value.

The chips (£2.50) looked and tasted like those skinny, soggy fries you get from the kebab shop.. very disappointing

The only positive here were the chicken wings, which were delightful. The hot sauce is tangy and fiery, and these run Meat Liquor’s wings close, but they still don’t quite hit their heights (the blue cheese sauce is too sweet and syrupy)

We are upset, as we were hoping for an excellent meal here, but they did not deliver.


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