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Disco Bistro


After a slight hiatus, and an underwhelming last attempt, the Disco Bistro residency at the Rising Sun was next up for a burger review. Absence makes the heart grow fonder an’ all that, so we were raring to go. It’s basically next to St. Pauls, so the fact we were smashing burgers on the first day of lent shows you what religion we follow. So much history, you could almost imagine St. Paul himself popping round the corner to get stuck into a cheeky burger here.

Disco Bistro

Disco Bistro

Salivating? Read on..



This patty is an absolute star in the making. The beef is sourced from Cornwall, aged for 40 days, and is a combination of chuck, bone marrow (yum), and short rib. There is a real bite to the beef. It is chunky, succulent, and just a bloody brilliant burger patty. You can see from the photo below that it was cooked to perfection as well.


This perfectly seasoned, melt away patty is just brilliant. Coarsely minced there is a real bite to the patty, which is well needed with all the other stuff going on with this one. You really feel like this is good quality meat you’re tucking away.

Nom Nom Nom Nommy Nom Nom Nom Score: 9

Cooked to perfection

Cooked to perfection



Probably the weakest part of the whole experience. BUT, that is not to say it was poor. It was still very, very good, complimenting the patty well. However, although it passed the Rip Test®, the bun was not as fluffy and thick as I would like. It was a bit too thin for me, and this affected the structure (more detail below).


The bun is a nice sweet brioche number. To be honest, it does fall apart a bit, but you forgive it due to all the incredible flavours that are going on inside.

Thicker please. Score: 8

Disco Bistro

Lighter brown colour



Oh boy. Ooooooh boy. An absolute cracker. Yes, these toppings were superb. For me, the gold medallist was the short rib, sitting delightfully on top of the bacon. It was succulent, tangy (from the BBQ sauce) but most importantly very very BEEFY. Beef on beef just works a treat, and I much prefer it to pulled pork on beef. The cheese was simple, but gloriously gooey and sticky, and the bed of shredded lettuce on the bun base gave the burger a fresh bite to the proceedings. Initially the thought of BBQ sauce in the burger worried me (it is on the bun base), but it was not over powering at all and added to rich beefy flavours.

I agree with Andy, the bacon could have been ever so slightly crispier, but it was still a joy to eat.


Ah fantastic. For me this was the best bit of the experience. You start with a thick layer of American cheese, it was salty and tangy while adding a bit of texture. Then came the BBQ shortrib, which was sweet, delicate with an almost gravy like BBQ sauce. The onions add a bit more depth, then finally the lovely salty bacon comes through. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but somehow every flavour comes through and it really works. Bacon could have been a little crispier for me but that’s my only negative.

Sewpurb Score:9.5

Disco Bistro

Gooey cheese and shortib. Class



As stated above, the bun was a little to thin, specifically the base, so it struggled to hold everything in place once I reached the halfway point. Having said that, I didn’t care one bit. This was a joy to behold.


With everything going on here it does fall apart a little. However, as mentioned it’s just so good you shouldn’t really care about getting a little lionel (messi)

Could be studier Score:8

Disco Bistro

That beef just shouts at you. Look at the gooey shortrib!


Andy and I left with smiles on our faces. We haven’t been too lucky with burgers as of late, and it was time to find somewhere that would step up, and Disco Bistro certainly did. The residency is going from strength to strength and may be extended for a longer period.

At £14 for the burger you may think it sounds a little steep, but that does include French fries, so all in all it is reasonable value.

Be wary what night you go though and make sure you book. We went during the Real Man Utd game, so service was very very slow (although they were very apologetic) as punters downstairs were ordering from the bar menu left, right, and centre

A quick mention must go to the chicken wings there. We ordered to spicy ones which were excellent, and sit just behind Meat Liquors with Patty & Bun in third place. The spicy sauce tasted like a combination of sweet, tangy orange zest with  fiery chilli, and the skin was crunchy AND crispy. Get those to begin.

Please go. It is a worldy burger.

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