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Street Kitchen have just opened up their third site in Shoreditch (check out their website to see other sites (and times!)). We were long overdue to visit these guys for a review as we had heard amazing things about all their food. The Shoreditch Airstream is based next door to the Tesco, opposite Pizza East, and only a stones throw from Shoreditch High Street station. It’s in a giant red tent (kind of) with a few other great street food stands keeping them company. Don’t worry, there are heaters!

Street Kitchen

Street Kitchen

We had a great chat with Nad, who has worked for Street Kitchen since inception, and you can tell he has so much passion for what he does.. But is this shown through the quality of food? Read on to find out



We both had the signature Buffalo Bill burgers. Juicy, chunky, flavoursome beauty. Yes you were weren’t you? Yes you were (ok, it’s not a baby but nevertheless a bloody delicious bit of beef). Nad cooks the patties using a temperature probe to ensure he reaches perfection. The patty has a 20% fat content and is so moreish that you will nail this within a minute tops.


Incredible. A combination of 30 day dry aged chuck and 40 day dry aged ribcap make one of the best patties I have had. Everyone can pull out the clichés here, but you have to go and try it. It seriously melts in your mouth. It’s so delicate and beautiful, I more or less finished my burger without even putting it down once! I had to calm myself down.

Lovely  Score: 9





Golden, fluffy, sweet, delicate, smooth and milky. The bun complimented the burger excellently. The base and top are both toasted, giving the burger a decent structure but also a less spongey texture to the proceedings. Andy tried to catch me out again once we finished, thinking that I had forgotten to do the Rip Test®.  But have no fear people, this bun was never going to fail and I can confirm it did not.


Bunny worked perfectly with the patty. A nice sweetness to it, but allowing the meat to really shine. Completely holds it all together even with the beautiful lashings of sauces and toppings that go into this beauty.

Golden goodness Score: 8

Yummy bunny

Yummy bunny



“What’s that crunch?” Andy asked. We dissected the toppings and after a thorough investigation and analysis we found out it was the pink onions which were GLORIOUS. Brined over night in salt water, and then pickled in the morning, these onions are the cherry on top for me. They give a great kick and an amazing crunchy texture to the burger which nothing else can. Ketchup on the base, and a smothering of mustard mayonnaise on the top gives the burger a little sweetness which combined with the pickled onions works an absolute treat. Nommy Noms.


Pickled onions, cheddar, lettuce, ketchup and mustard mayo. Now, it may not read like the most exciting topping list, but they are all fantastic. It all works so well, and every ingredient is incredible. I urge you to try these onions. I’ve never written at length about onions before, but they are incredible. They add such a good crunch, I thought there was something deep fried in the burger, but they are just pickled adding a nice cut-through of the cheese and patty. It’s like nothing I have had before. So light and beautiful.

Nomsville. Yumsville. Classville. Score:9


Nom- wonderfully gooey cheddar too



The bun was big and hearty so it coped with the patty and toppings well. A few ‘juice leaks’ here and there but that is favourable as you can look forward to the “mop up” stage once you have finished eating, licking your fingers and wrists and arms and legs and….ok maybe not arms and legs. This is getting silly now. Sorry.


Absolutely loved it. I was so happy after I had finished it (in a good way!). The wings are also incredible, with the meat falling off the bone, rich and indulgent. The whole thing was just awesome. Get down there!

Foundations are structurally sound Score:8.5



Ok. This is simple. Before you die, you need to go here. You have no excuse as they are around until the end of the year.

Open until 8pm every night, this is going to be absolutely heaving in the summer, so I suggest you get down there early because once the word spreads the queues are going to be huge.

The Buffalo Bill was £7.50, which when you think about it, for the quality of what you get, is good value we think. The wings were £4.50 and some of the best that we have had (similar to Patty and Bun’s wings, but slightly crispier)

We can’t wait to go back. GO GO GO.


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