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Honest Burgers: “The Louisiana” Special

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Now, a bit random we know, but Honest Burgers have teamed up with HBO to come up with a new special this month, The Louisiana. It’s in honour of the new series of True Blood being available on DVD. We thought we would do a little write up on this one, as Honest are always doing bloody great specials (that change monthly), and they are always fantastic. This didn’t disappoint.

Honest Burgers "Louisiana"

Honest Burgers “Louisiana”

The Louisiana is comprised of a Cajun Blackened Patty, Bloody Mary Ketchup, Fried Onions, Beef Tomato and Blood Leaf, all washed down with a fantastic Bloody Mary. The thing we really liked about this burger (as well as the incredible rosemary chips they do there) is just how different it is. It’s really like nothing out there at the moment, as cajun really isn’t a flavour we would associate with burgers.

It really works. You get a smoky, spicy patty with a real depth of flavour which is all cleaned up by a juicy, tasty beef tomato (it’s not wet). You get a real kick from the onions and ketchup too which just adds another level to the burger. It works so well, it won’t be long before we head back there!

It costs £10 (including the rosemary fries) and it is on special until 17th June so  if you want to try something different and delicious, GIVE IT A GO. Let us know what you guys think.

Honest Burgers "Louisiana"

Honest Burgers “Louisiana”

Check out more photos in our gallery here

Also check out our review of Honest here. It’s one of the best burgers in town!


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