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League Table

Find the best burgers in London right here. The maximum a venue can score is 40.

Click on the venue below to read the review. The scores may change slightly as we compare more burgers. Look out for our latest review which will be in bold. We will be updating this table once a week on average, so keep checking back!

Pos Venue Patty Bun Toppings Structure Total
1 — Elliot’s Cafe 10 9 9 9 37
2 — Honest Burgers 9.5 9 9 9 36.5
3 — Mother Flipper 9 9 9 8.5 35.5
4 — Street Kitchen 9 8 9 8.5 34.5
4 — Disco Bistro 9 8 9.5 8 34.5
4 — Bleecker St. Burger 9.5 8 8.5 8.5 34.5
7 — Burger Bear 8.5 8.5 9 8 34
8 — Patty & Bun 9 8.5 8.5 7.5 33.5
9 — Burger & Lobster 9 8 8 8 33
10 — Meat Liquor 8 8 8.5 8 32.5
11 — Tommi’s Burger Joint 8 9.5 7 7.5 32
12 — Bukowski 8 7 9 7.5 31.5
13 — Hawksmoor 8 7 9 7 31
13 — Forty Burgers 7 7 9 8 31
13 — Cinnamon Soho 7 8 8 8 31
16 — Dirty Burger 7.5 8 7 7.5 30
16 — Bar Boulud 6 8 8 8 30
18 — Lucky Chip 6 8 8 6 28
19 — Kua ‘Aina 6 8 6 7.5 27.5
20 — Lucky 7 6.5 6 7 8 27.5
21 — BRGR.CO 6 7 3 8 24
21 — Burger & Shake 5.5 6 4.5 8 24
23 — Rivington Grill 4 5 4 5 18
24  Kettner’s 0.5 3 5 5 13.5
25  Beard to Tail 1 3 2 2 8

Last updated 04/05/13 @ 15:16


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  1. I concur with your review on Meat Liquor. You guys must try Honest Burger in Brixton, I have a feeling it will challenge the top spot, unbelievably good!!!

    • Cheers Ross! Don’t worry, Honest Burgers is on our bucket list. Have you heard they are going to be opening in Soho at some point this year? Can’t wait to try it!

  2. Nice. Try The Hawksmoor – delicious.

  3. Interesting, the more burgers I try in London the more I decide I don’t actually like Meat Liquor that much, I think they’re just too messy for me. I prefer the likes of Lucky Chip and Patty & Bun. Just had a Mother Flipper for lunch at Eat Street, Kings Cross which was excellent considering it was only a fiver. The 3oz steamed beef patty at Mishkin’s is also delicious

    • Yeah, its so subjective isn’t it. We loved meat liquor and the “messyness” that came with that. Did you not think Lucky chip was messy though too? Yeah we certainly have plenty more to try. We might see scores change as we go through depending on what we experience…

      • I didn’t think LC was as messy as ML but I suppose it depends which one you have. First time I went to LC I had the Selleck which was crazy messy but last time I went I had the Royale wit cheese which was a lot more manageable. Really want to try the Bill Murray! Had the mini iberico and fois grad burger from the opera tavern recently too. It’s divine

      • We cannot wait to try Opera tavern. It will be coming up soon. Heard massive noise from that place!

  4. I am intrigued with Admiral Codrington being in the top spot, can’t wait to see you heading to Hawksmoor.

  5. Went with Adam to Admiral Codrington this week – Essentially a good burger with as you say an excellent patty (obviously of a high quality). I thought the bun was exquisite but the toppings and lack of cheese left me cold. In terms of structure it was well put together and felt solid but in terms of dimensions maybe it could have been bigger (I am a big lad and like my burger). I like the spartan presentation though and the chips were well cooked and not greasy.
    I was thinking in your ratings, does value for money come into play?
    As the pub is in South Ken it is going to be pricey but I thought the burger and chips was still on the pricey side. I felt £13/14 all in would have been fairer.
    The ambience was also pleasant and the service excellent but the decor for me felt strange in the context of eating a burger – the company was also ok!
    Good luck with you search for the perfect burger however I would give the AC burger 8.5/10.

    (The previous week I went to Byron and although a massive chain now I was pleasantly surprised).

    • James that’s really interesting to read that the toppings were poor. The quality has obviously gone downhill since Fred Smith has left. Shame really.

      Value for money sort of comes in to play. By that we mean we will mention cost but if it is a bloody good burger then we need to be honest and write that.

      Totally agree regarding the decor. It certainly feels strange but their menu is varied and I am not sure how many actually go there for a burger?

  6. Hi burgaffair! I’ve read all your reviews on the burger and tried searching everywhere on your blog but can’t seem to find it… What on earth is the riptest???

    • Hi! The Rip Test is simply Nick ripping the bun to see how tough it is. It all came about from his complaints about the Burger King buns which totally fall apart as soon as you take your first bite. So it is important to check the bun will hold together as it is crucial!

  7. Try Cattle Grid in Balham opposite the station. they have a big cow outside – worth coming south for.

  8. You guys need try the Famous Inn Burger at The Inn at Kew Gardens, only one burger, but its definitely one of the best I’ve had in London.

  9. Just had a burger at newly revamped rye hotel at top of rye lane Peckham. Great burger – only wish it was bigger!

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  11. I had a fantastic burger a few months ago at Boisdale in Canary Wharf. It had a mixture of truffle mayo and gruyere that was absolutely out of this world. Well worth a review in my books!

  12. ? So you’ve reviewed Mother Flipper and Bleecker St. (both sometimes have pitches under KERB), but NOT TONGUE ‘N CHEEK ?!?!

    (Sorry – it’s my current favourite burger)

    Any ideas when you’ll review Tongue ‘n Cheek’s Heartbreaker burger? Or Kimchi Cult’s burgers? (another one found under KERB).

    (Hmm….I must remember to actually try Mother Flipper and Bleecker St. burgers at some point, when they are next at KERB).

    • Ha, yes mate we will try both of them, not to worry! They are on our bucket list, we just need more time to get all of this done. It is a (wonderful) struggle!

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  14. Where is the diner Diablo in the league table?

  15. How can Patty n Bun be in 8th!? I would have to say 3rd place!

    • The margins are so tight as you can see. It is a very good burger, we just don’t think it is as good as the ones above it. Have you tried them all?

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  17. Why did him get a reply and not me? Where is the Diablo in the league table? what did you give it out of 50 or whatever score you giveth. Did it get lesser then 8?

  18. Hi guys, we’re back! Any chance of getting back on the board?


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