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Go on then. Send us your photos with your name and burger venue to to compare and contrast with fellow burger lovers. We’ll then upload them here. Comment, debate, argue and rate. Oh and we’ll join in as well.

Is yours the best?

Burger 1: Submitted by Craig

Hawksmoor, Spitalfields

Burger 2: Submitted by David

Bukowski, Shoreditch

Burger 3- Submitted by David

Red Dog Saloon, Shoreditch

Burger 4- Submitted by David

The Thirsty Bear, Blackfriars

Burger 5– submitted by Toby H.

Big Kahuna Burger (Hawaii)

Burger 6– Submitted by Jonny

Dirty Burger, Kentish Town


Burger 7– Submitted by Lynne

LA Burger

LA Burger


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  1. I’ve been to the AdCod and agree the patty is 10/10 however I think there is to much emphasis on the meat being the star of the show and it misses out on additional flavours from the condiments.

    The Taxi Driver at the GBK in Fulham is the best burger I’ve had in London. Now I know you are probably saying GBK but the one near Fulham Broadway stands out from the crowd, best Burger in London in my eyes and palet. You should also sample the Dead Hippie at Meat Liquor… dirty burger but bloody tasty. I perhaps shoudn’t say this on a burger blog but the chicken wings at Meat Liquor rock!

    Alway open to new experiences – love the blog.

    • Cheers Ross! Fair comment, yeah we try and break it down hence give equal weight to all elements of a burger. As we know the perfect burger is the sum of its parts.

      Point taken on GBK we weren’t going to include it on the list originally, but on your rec. we’ll add it on. Yeah meat liquor is on the “to do” pile. Quite a few mentioned that one, so not too much pressure.

      Haha both of us who do this site love wings. But that’s for another day 😉

  2. burger 1; a cheese burger with added short rib…. it was TASTY!
    They also do really good short rib nuggets, which you have to try!

    I REALLY REALLY love Meat liquor and i would struggle to say which burger was better. But they (meat liquor and Hawksmoor) are so different that you could eat one after the other and feel like you’ve had two different meals.

    looking forward to getting more advice on where i can find a tasty burger

  3. Hi. David here. My first burger is from Bukowski. Really tasty, great favour and very juicy. Great value for money. Mother F burger two sides and a beer was £16.
    Second burger is from the Red Dog Saloon. It was an epic burger 3 x 6 oz patties, 6 slice of bacon, 6 slices of cheese and to top it of 6 oz of pulled pork. The thing that lets it down was the salad was on the plate and out in the burger.
    Third burger is from the The Thirst Bear. It was well tasty burger. Bacon could have being a bit more cooked. But it was a great burger. And you can order food and drinks to your table on a iPad. Which is cool.

    • David they look fucking amazing. The Bukowski one looks absolutely IMMENSE. We may go to Red Dog Saloon on our day off after the tri but without reviewing. Just eating and relaxing. Thanks so much for these. We will let you know how we get on!

  4. So Burger 7 – the LA Burger – was consumed at the Fat Dog in Hollywood, LA on Boxing Day – and my was it a tasty burger! Made with the ‘Lindy & Grundy grass fed grind’ from the lesbian butcher’s shop next door (am I allowed to say that Ed?), at a supplement of $5 on the $12 basic price tag, it made a subtle but delicious difference to what was already a great burger (my partner Ian took one for the team and ordered the basic burger to allow a comparison – because he’s nice that way!!) The flavour was just that little bit richer and longer lasting, it was that bit juicier (check out the meat juices on the pic!) so definitely well worth the little extra. I’m not a fully paid up burger nerd like Nick & Andy so I confess I was too busy just ENJOYING it to take much notice of rip tests, toppings etc etc, but suffice to say the caramelised onions and ‘shaved manchego’ set it all off a treat on a yummy brioche bun (of course) and the fries were crispy and crunchy perfection. Was it as good as Elliot’s? Not sure – though I would say it’s close to being in the same league. So when you’re next in Hollywood, it’s definitely worth checking out (and do be sure to visit the butchers as well – a temple to beautiful meat of all kinds).

  5. Stop Press …. finally heard back form the chef at the Fat Dog as to what is included in the Lindy & Grundy grind. It’s “a combination of sirloin, brisket and chuck” for enhanced flavour, as opposed to the sirloin only in the standard burger. Sirloin in a burger? That’s what I thought too – but they blend it with 20% fat for succulence. So there we have it!

  6. As a red meat loving South African living in London, I’ve tasted some pretty good burgers and some pretty poor ones across the capital. If there is one that beats the lot, it’s Bodean’s on Poland Street in Soho. Eight ounces of pure and unadulterated beef – a proper thick patty in an unbelievable sesame seed brioche bun. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?!?!?!


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